Christmas is just around the corner

I love Christmas.  I don't like the hype and I get totally annoyed with all the Christmas music on the radio, but I love the holiday.  I love gifts and I love giving gifts... even if this year I had to cut my budget quite a bit.  I like the meal and the gathering of family.  It's all good in my books.

I bought 90% of my gifts online again this year.  It is just such a hassle otherwise.  And to the left you can see while doing so I went and designed a few things for my 'Hermit shop Cafepress'... because that site is awesome, not just for creating something for yourself, or selling designs and what not... but simply the availability of some pretty cool gifts.  I personally like the photography, illustrations and artwork framed prints.... because I like that sort of thing anyway and can't beat the price.  I am also absurdly fond of having and buying for others humorous t-shirts... I just can't seem to stop myself!  Then I usually hit Amazon for random things like books or music.  Best buy for video games.  Now I just hope eveything arrives on time, because sometimes I don't time these things well... amazon for example might be sending something from across the border which takes insanely long these days.  Or with best buy it might not be in stock right of the bat if it is popular.  That is why I went mostly with Cafepress this time around, because I was late off the get go.  There is another good one I used last year that has loads of overstock items but I seem to have forgotten it.  And Ebay is always an option, but if I ever shopped on there I would have to make sure I had plenty of time, since who knows where someone is shipping from?

I totally like the low stress shopping.  You have to watch about using your credit card... going to good sites for one, but for the best security is using a Paypal account, since it is an option most sites have and is a secure online bank really.
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