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How to save money when you're gimpy

Well, being on leave from work means my income has gone down 25% so far, and more if I am off much longer.  This has made a dent in the old bank book, as in a big monthly negative dent.

1) Create a new budget: Obviously you still need to pay debts, unfortunately obviously, so those must remain in a buget, unless you want to get called incessently from collective agencies.  So you need to chop the other expenses such as groceries and entertainment. 
         a) With groceries, you don't want to stop eating, as that would be conterproductive to surviving your gimpiness.  And many of us have dietary habits that are not cheap... you try buying something without MSG.  So basically it is a matter of going back to basics.  Cut out all the crap really.  The chips, the cookies, the yum yums.  Take advantage of things on sale or cheap brands rather than your fav brand.  Take advantage of coupons, even though, man, they are annoying.
         b) You can essentially cut out all entertaiment.  If your a gimpy hermit, you likely don't have much expenses here anyway.  Although how people expect you to go to yoga or swim classes or anything else when your broke is beyond me... but then again, is that really 'entertainment'
         c) Quit smoking and/or gambling and/or any other expensive vice.

2) Preserve instead of purchase: in the need to save funds don't buy any new anything.  Keep on wearing what your wearing and eventually it will come back into style.  Re-read books instead of getting new ones or borrow books from friends or start reading the backs of ceral boxes. 

3) Only choose hobbies that require no money or ones that, even better, make money.  Things like taking long walks to nowhere and watching things and meditating about the nothingness you are now surrounded with.

4) Recycle and sell:  Recyling can get you a wee bit of return on your consumption of pop or booze.  And you can start selling off your crap on Ebay, or at the local pawn shop.  If you are a hoarder, this will pull in some serious dollars and pennies.

5) Consider your housing... have you ever thought about living in a tent?  I bet it would be cool.  or have you ever thought of renting out any rooms you have in your house to random people?  I bet that would be freaky, but make you some moola.

6) Consider your bills:  Seriously, how hot does the house have to be when you can wrap yourself in sweaters and blankets?  Think about not flushing the toilet all the time or showering every second day.  And if you are photosensative, then remember, you don't need any light in the house during the day and very little if any at night.

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