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Migraines and my IQ

Not a surprising statement when you consider the symptoms of a migraine; pain, mental fog and so forth. I just did one of those standard IQ tests and got a 131, which is slightly lower than my usual which is anywhere from 135 to 140 depending on the test and my desire to focus on it, but my original one was 140. I have a moderate migraine right now, and the last time I took a test with a migraine it was around the same. Obviously, if I did one with an acute migraine, it would be around 80, but who would want to torment themselves like that? Gods, a verbal test would even be worse.

I was curious to know what sort of change there would be to my IQ in general... from the lack of focus, to the inability to access long term memory.   According to a radio show 132 is a genius, but I am pretty sure most scales consider the 140's to be that. Because really, if you consider 100 to be average, mid range for average anyway, 30 above that is not all that dramatic. Getting into the 160's, now that is impressive. Some scales suggest that 125-134 is gifted and is associated with the level of university graduates, so not suprising in my case. The next above would be highly gifted, at 135-144 which be the level of 'intellectuals'. Above 200 would be unmeasurable genius, which is really too high to be sane.

According to this test I completed, 145 is a genius, 130 is gifted, 115 is superior and 90 is average. First of all I would like to know how the average went from 100 to 90... and is that a bad sign? I know there is a range to normal, 85-115, but still I though average was based on 100. My range seems to be the same no matter what. I mean there are different scores, with different bias tests, but the range is generally the same. Aside from migraine and FMS fog of course.  It seems to stick between 130-140.
But I can tell you that IQ has little difference to make in your success in life.  Because of course it is a limited test... considering only particular facets of our intelligence. The more intelligent you are the harder it will be to find your niche in life and the less satisfaction you will get from many things. Plus it has little to say about your ability to function. My brother says the more intelligent a person is the more crazy they are, and he may very well be right about that. It certainly seems to me when you think about all the people with exceptional IQs they are a utter loons, socially inept or extremely exccentric. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you. You know my theory; everyone needs a little crazy to stay sane.

Take these following estimations... estimated by smart peoples...
Rene Descartes was estimated to have an IQ of 180, and I am sure that is surprising to many. When you consider his logic. :)
Kant is estimated at 175, and really I would have thought it higher due to his inability to constuct a sentence that makes sense. Most annoying philospher of the year award goes to him.
Hitler makes it to 140 and perhaps we can say his twisted logic outweighed his common sense and compassion. Perhaps a reason why intelligent people do not rule the world, but what a perfect place, for them (his was a crazy scary place, but his version of utopia I guess), they would try and make it be... if they could ever get over the thinking phase of the plan that is.
Einstein is at 160, and that is not too surprising really.
Bill Gates is also at 160, which actually is surprising. Given his field and accomplishments, not because of his business sense or wealth of course.
David Hume was at 180, and really for such a smarty pants I would have expected his work to be more spectacular, or at least more wild thoughts.
George berkely is at 190, and that is bordering on crazy smart, a little more crazy than smart on his part. If I leave the room you all cease to exits... ha ha... hee hee... refute that!
Da Vinci is estimated at 220, need I say more?
Plato is estimated at 170, and packed full of crazy.

So smart or crazy? Is there a difference. Not really. Semantics. :)

So sure migraines affect our tesing scores.  I was terrified when I took some classes for work it would affect my ability to test, if I had a migraine at that time, since all that knowledge is hard to come to the surface at your beck and call, not to mention typo hell and useing the wrong words, and the wrong tense.  Then there is that migraine fog, where it is like thinking through a brain of pudding... hard to be critical and rational when you can even read a sentence and have it make sense.  Fortunately, I seem to still test well.  Usually.  I don't interview well though. 
The perks for migraines and thinking are those manic migraines, as I call them, where you think a bazillion thoughts a minute, inspirations hit left right and center and ideas just come to you.  I love this time and not only can I work like a demon on crack, but it is my most creative time.  Full of creativity, in many forms.
Then I think of that study that shows we have less cognative decline as we age and I think, so I am dumber than dirt sometimes... when I am 90 I will be sharp as a tack.

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