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Quality of life- The Daily migraine   
One thing that it mentions is how a chronic and painful condition can slowly take away activities that were enjoyable. And as the author says, often the improvement of a person’s overall quality of life is the goal of medical care, especially when a cure is not possible. So it turns out that understanding what activities make a person happy and content is really important when deciding what medical care is appropriate.

Indeed so I have learned... doing things that improve the quality of life... or the desire to live at all... are just as, or more vital, than the treatments.  And yes, doctors definately should consider this with uncurable conditions, but I find they often do not.  My doctor is a rather indifferent sort.  Before I made my dramatic statement that my quality of life totally sucked, he was not at all aware or even concerned with how I was handling the pain.  Even when I said I was not.  Even when I said it is making it difficult to work.  To think.  To get out of bed.  It was always about try this drug or a quasi sympathtic remark.  Nothing to suggest how I could have a better quality of life given that my chronic migraines were not getting better, given that I do not have decades to wait for them to come up with something that works better.  I needed to know how to have any sort of life given the current state of affairs.  I find it so wierd that he did not pick up the obvious facts I was giving him, important details to how the pain was too much to handle mentally and emotionally.  It was like it was not his concern or problem.  I think it should be a doctors concern.  He can't possibly cure me, so he should be helping me find ways to improve the life I have... instead of me desperately floundering for ways to help myself cope in situations where the pain was too much to bear.  It is like when they tell you to exercise but don't give you any clue on how you are to attain that goal given your current state of health.

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