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Wii Fit

I got the Wii fit for Christmas, which some might narrow their eyes and say 'are you implying I'm fat?', but in my case, I have wanted one for awhile!  Although according to the first start up mode my BMI is 27, which is, er... plump (healthy is 22, and over 25 I think is overweight).  I also have no sense of balance, because my muscles are weak and I am extremely double jointed.  Which is why I wanted this, because the Wii fit has yoga on it.  Since the only form of exercise I apparently can do without boatloads of pain is stretching I figure yoga is a good start.  It goes through each move slowly and then you can make up our own routines from the moves.  Kinda cool.  Then it has exersizes to help with balance that are little fun games, as well as games for aerobic exercise and strength building ones.  Obviously I am avoiding the strength building because those are far more painful than my FMS muscles can handle.  That being said, yoga also painful.  Since you have to hold positions, well my muscles tremble and then hurt shortly after.  So it is in fact a work out, and I am feeling it today, but it is a work out that I can tolerate.  I like the Wii (and now the X-box kinect is out) that really do engage the person and promote non-couch potato activities that at least make us more mobile and promote more activity than a sedatary lifestyle does... but for those of us that are health challenged, well, we cannot really throw ourselves into any exercise workout anyway, not without suffering major consequences.  Nor can we always leave the home to engage in activities, nor find activities geared towards people with chronic pain.  Since pain is not fun, having these forms of exercise available that we can cater to our limitations and also be in an entertaining presentation, it is appealing.  I was not certain I would be able to take a yoga class for instance, since some moves are impossible for me... I can't put any weight on my wrists due to FMS and doing so would mean wrist pain would hinder my abiltity to write or anything else for weeks or even months, and then there is the fact I might not be able to attend every class to begin with.  So this is a fine compramise.

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