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yay me... my right eye decided to go funky along with the right ear

So I still cannot hear on the right side, excluding the insanely loud ringing that is driving me crazy.  Today, just for fun, my brain decided to muck up the right eye.  It is like having a cataract, it is all hazy and makes everything looked doubled, which is so much fun.  The visual snow aura is also stronger than it usually is, in that usually it is just pin-prick white sparkles and now it is pin-prick white, black and blue sparkles with the occasionally larger black or while blob.  And of course the migraine pain itself is still there. 

My first day back at work was alright.  It was a half day, so that is not too bad and I am not taking customers yet, so also not too bad.  However, I do have this status migraine joyness to deal with and just stepping outside made that worse.  At least I have been able to keep a grip on my emotions... going for an all out numbness, which works since I have to hide the pain somehow and still be able to talk to co-workers about how I am doing coming of the leave without spontaneously erupting into tears.  Not sure how long that is going to last since really I am not handling the whole mask my pain so well these days.  I tend to avoid eye contact when someone asks me about how I am doing, maybe because it easier to lie that way.
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