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Nasty bitch slapping migraines

The thing I like about my new med is that it kinda works, which gives me days of not having migraine bliss. No complaints there. It also gets rid of that pre-migraine and post-migraine headache portion. In a way, it dampens a great deal of my aura warnings of impending doom. Which means very sudden migraines. Very sudden very intense migraines. They seem to only last a day or two and when they are gone, they are gone gone and I feel fine, with no migraine dump to suffer. Still these migraines are severe, sudden and not too responsive to my triptan. I got one late on Friday and it just got worse and worse and worse. Just like the one I had during the week. Usually I don't take my triptan as soon as I feel a migraine coming on because I can only take it three times a week, and I was getting migraine seven times a week, so I'd wait and see how bad it was going to be first. Now, I think it is better to treat all migraines swiftly, if they are all going to be this acute.…