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double jointed wobble wobble

Being hypermobile is cool... you can totally freak people out when you bend your elbows backwards.  So flexibility is not an issue for me.  Sometimes I am so flexible my hip pops right out and I fall.  That is a slight issue.  I have sprained my ankles at least fifty times, but twice I should have broken them but my foot just folded instead.  So there is a Huge klutz factor here.  The important thing for hypermobility is to strengthen the tendons and ligaments so that they hold the joints in place, thus preventing things like your hip popping out or accidentally running into walls all the time like your a ball in a pinball machine.  I was informed of this when I was quite young and managed to to things like gymnastics and figure skating for a few years before that pesky fibromyalgia pain made everything hurt so dang much.  I did try to do some repetitive small weight lifting to strengthen my joints when I was in my early twenties, prior to my official FMS diagnosis, but dang, weight lifting is a big FMS no-no... unless you like to be crippled by pain.

So I am wobbly and shuffle a lot.  Totally have no balance.  In order to attempt to strengthen my muscles I am trying out the yoga (on the Wii fit, since no way in hell I would be able to do even a half hour class).  There is this one pose called the chair, that you stand on your tippy toes with your arms out in front and then squat down making the world most wobbly chair... my knees practically knock together on that one, while the Wii mocks me by telling me I am unstable.  There is another pose, the tree I think, where you stand on one foot and tuck the other foot up high on your thigh facing outward... which is literally impossible to do, unless the point is to mimic a tree falling in the forest.  Yet another pose requires standing on one foot and tucking the other leg up and holding it with both hands, pulling the knee close and releasing a few times... and I can do this, but not for long, since it is rather hard to balance on one leg to begin with let alone holding me knee up like that... I find I have to stand on the side of my foot edge, then go flat again in order to have enough stability.  Anyway, I rock the poses that require both feet on the ground!
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