Space Age Pod Shows Positive Benefits for Relieving Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

The CVAC pod has been used by athletes for years to naturally enhance their stamina and endurance, and now Complete Clinics has been seeing positive benefits in pain relief for its fibromyalgia patients.

At Complete Clinics, those who have used the CVAC report a number of benefits including;

•Improved stamina
•Increased feeling of alertness and mental acuity
•Reduced inflammation, swelling, and pain
•Improved recovery after exertion
•Improved sleep (decreased wake-ups)

"The night after my first CVAC session I was able to sleep a full eight hours and it was the most sound sleep I have had in two years. After continued use, I was astonished to see how active I was becoming. This machine is incredible," said Lori Perez, a Complete Clinics' fibromyalgia patient.

Karen Herbst Ph.D, M.D, board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology and an expert in fat related disorders, believes that fibromyalgia is similar to a rare condition adipose delorosa ("AD") in terms of the degree of pain experienced as well as a number of symptoms, including fatigue, cognitive changes, sleep disturbances, and shortness of breath. Dr. Herbst conducted a small study with 10 people with AD, four men and six women, who completed an average of 9.4+/-0.5 CVAC process sessions and stated:

"The CVAC improved pain and mental functioning significantly in a population with widespread pain and symptoms similar to that of fibromyalgia," said Dr. Herbst, "Although further randomized controlled trials are needed, the CVAC is likely a useful treatment for conditions of chronic pain."

What extactly is this CVAC?

The CVAC pod simulates rapid changes in altitude to help improve overall body functioning. During the CVAC individuals will sit comfortably in a large "egg-shaped" capsule and will be surrounded by precisely composed rhythmic changes in pressure, temperature and density of air. The pressure changes hundreds of times a session, simulating altitudes up to 3200 meters (nearly two miles). The CVAC is not currently FDA approved for any medical indication, and benefits to fibromyalgia, weight loss, or any other types of patients at Complete Clinics, are anecdotal at this point.

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