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Deafeated the migraine but not the brainless part

I had a wicked migraine kick in at around 12am today, at work, which just a joy.  It started with some vertigo that made me feel like I was about to topple out of my chair then about half hour later full blown migraine beast.  So I treated with my triptan and a tramacet, which effectively knocked down the pain to minimal.  Unfortunately it made me feel even more sluggish and did not kick that brain in gear at all.  So I spent the whole day confused at why the wrong key did not open door or start car, forgetting the day and month for every application, forgetting what I was saying while I was saying it combined with a bonus of word forgetting or randomly using words that sound similar to what I meant but really, really do not mean the same thing.  Plus the vertigo really did not go away.  If I looked at the ground part of it appeared to be going one way and the other part the opposite, which makes a person feel dizzy since the floor does not generally move.  Consequently it was hard to focus on anything because it shifted and moved.  Plus a little hard to walk in a straight line.  And a little double vision just for fun.

Really one of those days that reminds you migraine pain is but one symptom of a migraine and if you can and do treat it effectively, sometimes the other stuff just keeps on going.  Sure does make things interesting.  However, this three preventative combo is definitely doing something... it was hard to say at first given my return to full time work means return to daily migraines.  And it does seem the hormonal migraines are still wickedly horrific.  But I have had at least one day a week without a migraine at all (not including the week or more of hormonal migraine hell)... which does not sound all that good but for my mood it is a damned heavenly break, and it is also a break from taking triptans and/or painkillers.

One of my new co-workers mentioned her husband gets about three migraines a month... and takes nada.  He just goes to sleep right away and kicks it.  And we all know sleep is a great way to kick a migraine.  Unfortunately work rather prevents that possibility.  Still, I felt sorry for the fellow since he has nothing to take if the sleep it off method does not work or is not possible.  Personally I would rather bash my head in with a frying pan than suffer through an acute migraine without my awesome abortive medication.  Sure it does not always work 100% or all day and I can only use it approximately three times a week... but it sure does work way, way better than any painkiller out there.  Who knows why he does so but it could be the general man loathing for doctors or a doctor who is an ass-hat, either or.

So this is now my work pattern; triptan, triptan, triptan, painkiller, painkiller, suffer thru it, suffer thru it.  You see I use weekends as not medication day to prevent rebounding.  So far this pattern hold because every Monday is migraine Monday, which starts the week with a blast.

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