Alice in Wonderland Syndrome AIWS Day

Overview of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Today was one weird AIWS day.  Normally when I get AIWS migraines I do not go to work, I do not drive and generally I try not to move.  It like trying to move in a funhouse when you feel distorted and so does the envriment.  But missing work is not an option so I dealt with it, but I should have found a ride somehow because that is too much for me even to handle.

Today I drank the vial that made me small.... as in I felt I looked about three feet tall, that the ground was way too close and my feet kept mis judging because it did not match my eyes.  Everything else seemed too small, warpy and too far away.  When I drove I felt like I was going really slow down suger stretched out roads and when I stopped at a light... still felt like I was moving.  All this made me sick to my stomach.  Then the migraine kicked in super instensely, as those ones always seem to be, but they usally only last eight hours... or maybe it was the aportive, pain killer and nap I took after work that helped beat it?
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