What to do or not to do

Work is a complicated situation when we are ill.  Constant issues arirse at work when it comes to chronic illness.  It can be hellish.  Where I work we have a policy not to discriminate based on disability and other rules they have not followed with me.  We have a group not affiliated with the back to report these things.

And I feared for my job at the time so certainly did not want to piss people off... we have a no retialitation policy as well but we all know these are around that one.  I was threated I would get fired on more than on ocassion, told I would not get the promotion I have been aiming for, told I would get demotion, was in fact demotted after one leave.

So I wonder if I should report all that, my blog being a good way to track what occured and when.  The reason I think this is because I am no better than I was and it could get worse and I will end up with loads more stress as a result.  Or, conversly, someone else could have similar health concerns where they will treat them the same way.  And that is just not right.  But I debate on whether to mention it.
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