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I swear FMS has more symptoms than humanly possible.  A while back, maybe seven years, I had a spontaneous skin reaction that looked like an allergic reaction.  Erratically spontaneous and if I scratched, at all, blood would rush to the surface hickey style, then usually bruise.  That confused a few doctors, but the consensus seemed to be eczema.  Not the sort a person would get at the elbows and fingers, the sort that could be anywhere and certainly anywhere where I happened to scratch (in which case usually my arms or legs... but that first year, a few bug bites and I scratched all along my back making long red welts that really did look like an insane allergic reaction).  Otherwise I have no problems with it and you can't tell I have it at all.  So out went my little shower scrubbie things and in came the dove soap and moisturizers.  It is irritating, but manageable, assuming I don't get an itch, or god-forbid a bug bite.  It has in the past caused scaring, because sometimes I am not aware my skin is reacting under my clothes and those pin-prick blood dots can burst.  But I mean I have FMS... the syndrome that literally makes you sensitive to everything; light, odors, chemicals, foods.  You name it.  Add in the asthma and hay fever and yeah not surprising.

Recently I had a skin reaction that did not look like the usual rash thingy, but since it was not about pain I could not be bothered to bring it up to my doctor.  It was just a dime sized area that was lighter than a freckle but darker than my skin, just a pigmentation thing, no raised skin, no dryness.  I thought it was a faint scar really.  So... easily ignored.  until another smaller one appeared beside it, then another... then they connected into what seriously looks like a mickey mouse logo.  So I thought expanding freckle like markings... possibly nothing but potentially not good.  I go to the doc and... eczema again.  Not related at all to itching and irritating my already irritated skin, but rather to heat irritating my already irritated skin.  Because my workplace broke its air-conditioner and has yet to fix it... causes most of us more headaches and bouts of sluggishness, if not troubles breathing.  Eczema apparently has to do with inflammation of the skin and my doc said the heat aggravates it under the surface and can cause a pigment change.  He gave me a cream for it, so that is fine since it will help with inflammation as well as moisturizing.  But since it is a pigment change I am now thinking I will permanently have a freckle on my tummy in the shape of mickey mouse.  Who needs tattoos?  And given the air-conditioner at work has been broken for a few years now (its on a list to be fixed somewhere in lala land), I could either get my own camouflage cheetah look or if they all connect a seriously nice permanent tan.  I told my boss I'm allergic to work, because technically I am... the sweltering heat is causing the reaction and trust me when I say my house stays very nicely air-conditioned.  Imagine what it will be like working there when it actually hits the summer heat fest.

So I had a nice Pubmed quote with link here for you guys but someone decided they didn't like that so I had to remove it. People are weird like that eh? But I guess that is what google is for. lol

The symptoms of Eczema can be aggravated by many things it seems from what I have looked up in general though. From allergies to mold, pollen, dust mites and to animals. I buy a new pillow frequently because of this, although people say you can wash it... just I like mine very flat. Also to wash your bedding frequently as well for those pesky dust mites. I have a slight allergy to cats and allergies to pollen and dust. Bought a really good vacuum to handle all the dust as well and vacuuming regularly helps keep that contained... but then I have asthma as well so I do all that sort of thing anyway. Colds or the flu. Contact with rough materials... and well that seems to be a constant aggravator with FM... can't stand certain materials against my skin. Dry skin is a big one and that is why one of the main treatments is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Temperature: feeling too hot or too cold can irritate the skin. Fragrances and dyes added to lotions and soaps which is why you should choose unscented eczema moisturizer. And the infamous stress.

You can look up the symptoms but suffice to say that it can appear in different ways. Mine just looks like a hickie type rash and never appears different that that. However, my spouse recently got eczema and his is very inflamed in that area, red and the skin is extremely dry looking. For me the location is anywhere I am itchy which is why I wonder if it is eczema at all. Whereas my spouse it was on his feet... and that is more typical as it tends to be in areas like knees, elbows, feet, hands and the neck.

Things that help with eczema are the unscented moisturizing for sure. They often recommend to take cool or warm baths and showers over hot ones, unfortunately. But heat dries out the skin. Also to use soap rather thank body wash and a scrubbie sort of deal... as you don't want to be scrubbing your skin. That is really just scratching in the guise of a shower I find... and damn could I work up a quick rash doing that! And it is recommended to put the moisturizer on right after you get out of the bath or shower to get it to absorb nicely. Using antihistamines may help with allergy related symptoms and certainly during peak allergy related seasons I do that.

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