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Vacation time!

I have been off this week for holidays.  Purely not doing a damn thing holidays, which are the best sort really.  I have them strategically placed through the year to give me a pain break.  And it is damn wonderful really.  Just not having to do anything when I am in that moderate to severe level of pain.  People sure don't realize what we go through when getting through work in pain.  Having time off it like suddenly realizing all your muscles were tensed right up because suddenly they relax.  With a sigh of relief you know it is not going to be a bad day.  Even pain at its worst is not as bad as it would be at work for eight hours.  And I realize I can suddenly think about other things.  At work I have to have a very narrow focus to get things done.  Very focused on the task before me.  And I muddle through it best I can without mucking it up too much.  But without having to intensely focus on something I find I can think about other things.  My bain is not so drained for the da…

Found an awesome break down of migraine aura symptoms

The aura is the complex of neurological or neuropsychological symptoms. It is the second stage of a migraine attack. However, not all migraine sufferers experience aura.

Aura can be broken down into 4 groups:

1 Sensory disturbances
2 Motor disturbances
3 Verbal disturbances
4 Visual disturbances
Migraine Talk

Check it out there are some crazy ones.  I get a lot of them myself, just did not know the name of it.  Here are some of the ones I get, although there are a few more as well


Depersonalisation This is a malfunction or anomaly of the individuals self-awareness. It is a feeling of watching oneself act, while having no control over a situation. Sufferers feel they have changed, and the world has become less real, vague, dreamlike, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience, since many feel that, indeed, they are living in a "dream".

DerealisationThis is where you feel separated from the outside world, such as a sensory fog, a pane of glass, or a v…

What a hellish week

It was an unexpectedly hellish migraine week.  I am used to at least one hellish status migraine week every month, but this one was the wrong time for it.  Turns out it was the right time.  So the good thing about that is it is still just one week rather than this last one and another.  Unfortunately I did know it at the time, so I did not to start with treat it as aggressively as I should have.  So it is lingering on.  Hurt like hell today, but thats allright since is a weekend, still only one day to recover and kick the migraine tomorrow, otherwise when I go back to work it could be stretched on further.  I call these status migraine weeks killer migraines... because they are the ones after five days of hell you really want to kill yourself just to get them to stop already.

It is ironic on the work front.  I had my mid-year review and I am doing awesome in all areas.  Which makes my employer happy.  Me?  Sure I am glad I am doing my job well despite my disability.  But it is a disab…

Stupid Status migraine

That migraine from Monday? Yep, still got it.  Course now it is not responding to any treatment so the bes I can do it wait it out.  Not much I can do during the work week.  Let's just say it is really straining my pain tolerance going to work with this beast.  I have used triptans for three days in a row, in hopes I could kick it, but it only dulled it for a bit, which helps get through part of the day at least.  That there is the max amount triptans can be used in a week, before they can potentially cause more problems than they solve.  In my case I am not so much worried about a rebound headache but rather the compounding side effect I get with triptans that gets worse the more I use them.  It seems to be an adverse affect on my breathing, perhaps because I have asthma, so it feels like there is pressure on my chest and I am not getting enough air.  Do that for a few days and then I also get a quirky heart beat and those sharp stabs of pain.  At one time my neuro had taken me o…

Morning migraine competes with ouchy yoga

I woke up today at 5 am with a slicing migraine.  Bad enough to effectively ruin the rest of my sleep certainly.  Bad enough that it took some extreme motivational powers to get my butt to work.  Unfortunately I was out of triptans so when the pain began to peak all I had to take was my painkiller.  It dulled the ache a bit, which was good, but the rest of the migraine was very much there.  I had some extreme communication issues with one customer.  Kept using the wrong words and having a hard time completely a thought.  Then there was the substantial increase in typos and transposing numbers and letters.  By the end of the day the pain was getting to be severe but I just got off work and drove to the pharmacy to get yummy yummy triptans pain relief, which worked for the most part since the pain is down to a five now.

So, yeah, kinda sucked for a Monday since at the beginning of the work week I like to pretend the whole week won't suck and that is difficult to do on such a cruddy …

Spring fever

Spring time always catches me by surprise, even though the same thing happens every year.  My eczema gets irritable, my allergies kick in causing my asthma to get finiky, the changes in weather make my muscles just ache from the FMS and of course spring is nasty on the migraines.  It really is not any fun at all.  Surprising how much my muslces ache from the FMS though... the wrists, knees and feet in particular.

My migraines have been good off and on.  I mean this week was nasty with the pain and my triptan is causing breathing problems, so I have only been using them sporadically.  Yet there are some really good days.  Yesterday not being on of them and today as well.  The difference was yesterday started off with a mind blowing migraine such that I could not keep my meds in me for them to work and the pain just kept on going.  Whereas today woke up feeling great, the migraine did not hit till halfway through the day and even though it ended up at the same intensity as yesterday, it…

Reality Check

One of my blogger buddies No extended warrant set up this list as her health reality check and I think that is an awesome idea.

Do you have a life threatening illness? NoThis year to last year, health improved, worsened, same? Worsened This year to last year, finances improved, worsened, same? Worsened Is your family life stable? Well EnoughIs your work life stable? Definately notAre you not stressed, slightly stressed, really stressed? slightly stressedAre you feeling hopeless? NoAre you tired? VeryHave health problems affected your interaction with others? Yes Do you take yourself too seriously? no Do you have trouble concentrating? AlwaysDo you feel sorry for yourself? sometimes I have a pity party, but not oftenAre you able to relax? Rarely Are you able to sleep? With Difficulty When you sleep is it quality sleep, leaving you rested? No Are there people worse off than you are? Sure they are out there. Do you feel you are acting appropriately concerning your illness? Yes Do you stil…