Morning migraine competes with ouchy yoga

I woke up today at 5 am with a slicing migraine.  Bad enough to effectively ruin the rest of my sleep certainly.  Bad enough that it took some extreme motivational powers to get my butt to work.  Unfortunately I was out of triptans so when the pain began to peak all I had to take was my painkiller.  It dulled the ache a bit, which was good, but the rest of the migraine was very much there.  I had some extreme communication issues with one customer.  Kept using the wrong words and having a hard time completely a thought.  Then there was the substantial increase in typos and transposing numbers and letters.  By the end of the day the pain was getting to be severe but I just got off work and drove to the pharmacy to get yummy yummy triptans pain relief, which worked for the most part since the pain is down to a five now.

So, yeah, kinda sucked for a Monday since at the beginning of the work week I like to pretend the whole week won't suck and that is difficult to do on such a cruddy migraine day.

Also, since I did yoga on the weekend my muscles, mostly my legs, feet and shoulders aches like a sonofagun.  That has gotten worse as the day has gone on and now it is pretty hard to stand up and my feet ache so bad it is difficult to walk.  I guess when doctors encourage FMS patients to exercise, by that they mean stretches, walking and yoga, they fail to mention that while you might see some benefit to it (since having a sedentary life style is not good for anyone, nut just us cripples) you will also see a sharp increase in pain, in several different areas, as a result.  And that, since it is trigger by FMS neurological crap, does not improve as your muscles and flexibility improves.  For example, doing this off and on again yoga about 3-4 times a week at about 15 minute intervals I have noticed a decrease in tight achy pain and an increase in flexibility (I am hypermobile so I am super flexible, but not when my muscles feel so tight and tense, plus since my muscles are weak, flexibility really just means extra wobble).  I feel that is benefit enough even though there is seriously nothing relaxing about it.  But the pain from 15 minutes last days.  Lyrica helps me not to feel as much pain right away or for as long, so I am capable of doing yoga for the three days, of and on, while working.  Capable, but damned painful.  If the pain would decrease then I suppose that would make a fine long term goal.  But, nope.  Nasty pain flares up in different areas for different duration   I had that nasty arch pain FMS flare up for about a year and a half awhile back (some indeterminate time in the past, maybe 2 years ago?) and that pain is what is flaring up the most, which kind of sucks because there is not much I can do about that... except the same damn exercises that are causing it to flare in the first place.

My body has a fine sense of irony.
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