Reality Check

One of my blogger buddies No extended warrant set up this list as her health reality check and I think that is an awesome idea.

  1. Do you have a life threatening illness? No
  2. This year to last year, health improved, worsened, same? Worsened
  3. This year to last year, finances improved, worsened, same? Worsened
  4. Is your family life stable? Well Enough
  5. Is your work life stable? Definately not
  6. Are you not stressed, slightly stressed, really stressed? slightly stressed
  7. Are you feeling hopeless? No
  8. Are you tired? Very
  9. Have health problems affected your interaction with others? Yes
  10. Do you take yourself too seriously? no
  11. Do you have trouble concentrating? Always
  12. Do you feel sorry for yourself? sometimes I have a pity party, but not often
  13. Are you able to relax? Rarely
  14. Are you able to sleep? With Difficulty
  15. When you sleep is it quality sleep, leaving you rested? No
  16. Are there people worse off than you are? Sure they are out there. 
  17. Do you feel you are acting appropriately concerning your illness? Yes
  18. Do you still have a sense of humor? Usually, except on extreme pain days
  19. Despite your own issues do you have concern for other people's welfare? Yes
  20. Do you misuse or abuse medications given to you? No
  21.  Do you project your feelings about your illness into your interactions with others? I hope not
  22. Have you put life plans on hold due to illness? Yes
  23. Do you feel illness has cheated you out of a life you deserved? No
  24. Are you happy/content? Yes
  25. Do you miss the life you used to have? Yes
  26. Do you ever have a day where your illness disappears? Migraines, occasionally.  FMS never
  27. Does your illness make you fearful? Yes, I may lose my job or I may let the pain get the best of me and be desperate for it to stop
  28. Do you find joy in common everyday events? Yes
  29. Do you feel your life, in all aspects, is better, worse, or the same from last year? Worse

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