What a hellish week

It was an unexpectedly hellish migraine week.  I am used to at least one hellish status migraine week every month, but this one was the wrong time for it.  Turns out it was the right time.  So the good thing about that is it is still just one week rather than this last one and another.  Unfortunately I did know it at the time, so I did not to start with treat it as aggressively as I should have.  So it is lingering on.  Hurt like hell today, but thats allright since is a weekend, still only one day to recover and kick the migraine tomorrow, otherwise when I go back to work it could be stretched on further.  I call these status migraine weeks killer migraines... because they are the ones after five days of hell you really want to kill yourself just to get them to stop already.

It is ironic on the work front.  I had my mid-year review and I am doing awesome in all areas.  Which makes my employer happy.  Me?  Sure I am glad I am doing my job well despite my disability.  But it is a disability with no manament acknowledging it is.  So I still can't miss any work unless I desperately have to.  This last week, damn I wish I could have called in sick one on of those wickedly painful days.  But can't.  As soon as I do, trust me I will not be doing awesome.  Sure my work with be the same, I will still do good on the same things, but if I miss 'too' many days then it will be back to 'nor performing at company standards' it is a 'fulltime face-to-face role' and blah blah.

A week like last we, which was torment for me, but good for my employer, makes me wonder how long this can last?  It always seems like for two years I try my damndest to get through the pain to function and then it just falls appart.
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