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Canada Day

Me and my man went out to see the Canada Day concert and Fireworks.  I was determined to do so despite the migraine I had that morning.  One of those times where I simply demand I do something I want for a change and not let my fricken head make the choice.  Migraine basically was kept at a low level so that is all good.  Loved the fireworks... and some of them remind me so much a my migraine visual aura that I have to point it out, 'There! That one!  Just like a migraine aura!'.  Not like anyone can understand what that looks like unless you find something that does.

Now here is the thing.  Where they do the fireworks is about a fifteen minute walk to our place.  The first year we moved here me and my man just walked there and back.  I remember it well because the walk there was not too bad but the walk back was extremely painful.  I had that fibromyalgia pain flare up in my hips as I was walking and it got worse and worse until I was walking very slow and shuffling at that.  FMS pain does not stop me from working a desk job (stops me from working shift work or repetitive lifting) so sometimes it is a surprise how fast the pain can flare and get worse.  With Lyrica sometimes I can walk hours, at a very moderate pace, without too much pain.  Just depends on the day I guess.

This year we drove there and once we had a few beers walked home.  So I thought one way is not going to kill me.  I was wrong but it was not the tendons in my hips that flared up it was the ones in my feet.  Specifically the one in the arch that attaches the heel to the front and the one in my ankle that goes up from the heel.  We had barely covered a third of the way when the pain hit, but better to keep going.  Halfway home and my feet were a constant fiery pain.  The whole damn foot.  But we could not slow down because someone had to pee... and it was not me.  I would have slowed down to a very slow walk.  Point is as we continued it got progressively worse until I was stumbling cause I could not lift my feet properly.  I tend to fist my hands and squeeze when I am in a boatload of pain as the only outward sign of it and my bf was holding my hand at the time... eventually he asked me not to squeeze so hard and I had not even realized I was doing it.  Thankfully when I was home and off my feet the pain dropped almost completely, just to an ache that did not inhibit my walking.  Thank God because that arch pain can flare up for long periods of time making it difficult to walk.

So even though I have been stretching and periodically exercising it makes very little difference in my ability to do anything... like walk for short periods of time.  Because while my muscles are in better shape, the pain from FMS is felt in the tendons and ligaments but comes from the brain.  So that sucks... but it would suck way more without the Lyrica.  Now, that being said, I can walk long distances if I walk at my own slow pace.  Usually anyway. It seems so random when it flares up quickly and when it doesn't.
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