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Remember the magnesium has an article about magnesium today, and you know, I am really beginning to love that sight.  They have some awesome info on there.  Anyway, magnesium.  Apparently about 50% of us migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium. (And for those of us with FMS, chronic illness and IBS can also make you deficient in magnesium and studies have shown for FMS, as well, we do not actually process it well and this dificiency does not show on bloodwork).

"Magnesium is an essential element that is vital to the function of every cell in the body. It regulates literally hundreds of chemical reactions, modulates the function of
various cell receptors, helps open and close blood vessels, and performs many other functions. Changes in some of these receptors (serotonin, NMDA, and others) and blood vessel constriction are intimately involved in the development of migraine headaches. Our research also showed that a regular blood test is completely unreliable.

So, how do you know if you are deficient and should take a supplement? Here are some other signs of magnesium deficiency: cold hands and feet or just feeling colder than other people around you, muscle cramps in your legs or feet, which often occur at night, and PMS symptoms in women. But you may be deficient even if you don’t have these additional symptoms and since there is little downside in taking a magnesium supplement, it may be worth a try." (

Personally I know I have a migraine deficiency because a) I have FMS and most of us do, b) I have IBS-D which gets worse with migraines which means absorbing vitamins is an issue and c) I get wicked muscle craps in my legs at night and sometimes in my neck, shoulders and back.  In my case I think I might go for the magnesium shots.  But until I ask about that I have added my magnesium pill to my other pills in my massive pill box sorter so I don't forget to take them regularly this time.

Other vitamins that might be good to add are your stress B's and vitamin D (vit D for sure if you are like me and work rather poke your eyes out than walk in the sunlight and get those D's the old fashioned way).
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