Disibility insurance on my mortgage

I was just told my disability insurance on my mortgage has been declined once again because I have Fibromyalgia.  Which I find ironic because any time I have been disabled it is from chronic migraines.  Although FMS certainly does not help, I have never taken off work for it.  But I knew I would be declined.

My spouse likewise was turned down.  Two and a half years ago he had kidney cancer, in the first stage, they chopped it out and that is that.  Recently he had surgery on his toe for arthritis.  And I suspected not enough time had passed since his cancer for them to sign off on that, so he was declined for that.  he was also declined because of arthitis.... his toe arthritis.  Insane.  And he is the one I would want insurance on because he is the high income earner.  And therefore insurance on such a large amount is something I want coverage for. 

I do put coverage on everything else though because when I do go on leaves from work it is not a 100% coverage for long, so having some products covered helps a great deal with stressing about my budget.
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