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Fibromyalgia and migraine medications

Always nice to have a combo medication... considering we are on a boatload for chronic migraines.  Used to be FMS was just not treated.  Sort of the 'suck it up, buttercup' approach, which I for one did not appreciate.  For some reason when you are in loads of pain whenever you do anything you tend not to do anything which then increases the pain... and those of us with FMS just have to muddle through it and find our own treatment plan.  Now there are three meds that can be beneficial for FMS and can be used, off label, for migraines.  Kind of nice when you figure in how many  migraine 'preventatives' we are on, we might as well take one that helps with our other chronic pain.

1) Lyrica- the one I am on now.  And it actually works for FMS, as in I can walk more than fifteen minutes without increasing crippling pain, and pain does not endure as long.  So I like this one.  Whether it has helped me with migraines is debatable but my neuro left me on it because it is good for the FMS

2) Cymbalta- I was also on this one for a time, because it can be combined with Lyrica.  However it is an antidepressant and for some reason those meds mess with my emotions in the wrong sort of way and therefore could have contributed to my trying to off myself and thus was taken off it.

3) Savella- I've never been on this one but it can also be combined with Lyrica and I am interested in trying it.... because also good for FMS and migraine potentially and it is one of those really rare meds that has the potential side effect of weight loss, which would be nice, since I gained 15 pounds from Elivil and have no lost it yet. 

Other non-medical things to help with migraines and FMS are:

1) Good sleep- which is a big problem since insomnia is a big FMS symptom for some of us and sleep deprivation is a migraine trigger.  Personally I am on a sleeping pill cause my doctor said I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation which was constantly triggering migraines.  I get far less mind blowing morning migraines these days.

2) Lots of water- Gotta keep hydrated, especially if you have issues with FMS IBS and/or migraine nausea and all that biz.

3) Mild to moderate exercise- not running a marathon or weight lifting mind you... more like a little bit of yoga when you can and try to slowly increase the amount you can.  Maybe it won't help with pain... but you'll be more limber and that's something.

4) Magnesium- there are in fact many vitamins and herbs beneficial to both or either condition but one big one that is in common is magnesium.  I find taking it regularly prevents those pesky muscle spasms and cramps... that by the way you can get in any muscles not just the legs... I had one in my back that literally tossed me off the bed.  Not nice.  Plus I was getting those nocturnal jerks where just when you are almost asleep some muscle group like the arm, neck or legs violently spasms you awake.  I very rarely get those now, which is nice because nothing is more annoying than almost freakin falling asleep after hours of trying only to jerk awake again.
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