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I feel positively proactive...

or desperate.  Or desperately proactive.  You know, when you decide to do something completely random on the off chance there might be a benefit to it?  That sort of proactive.  Like I said earlier I am being regular with my magnesium supplements, plus the vit D my neuro recommended, and really that is something right there.  However, I also decided to tweak my dietary habits, as in develop some good habits.  When my migraines get severely chronic as they have been for too long to ponder, I tend to have the exact opposite of an appetite.  Plus since chronic migraines can cause some severe symptoms, digestion wise, it was better to not eat all day than to eat, feel extremely bad and possibly need some pepto bismal that I have stashed in my office.  Food had a way of making me feel way, way worse in an environment where I simply could not feel worse than I already was.  But of course that meant I was only eating supper, which was fine by me, but health wise it is not a good thing and possibly a migraine trigger.  I have no clue if eating one meal a day in the evening is personally a migraine trigger but I do know if I want to cultivate better eating habits it is the first and foremost habit I need to overhaul.

So I have been trying to eat every three hours.  Sounds easy.  Most diets mean eating less so this should be easy peasy, right?  Except for the small problem that eating, anything, still makes me very ill to my stomach at a bare minimum.  It is not what I eat certainly, since I have no appitite I tend to go for bland and because migraines can do a number on me digestively I also tend to go for fibre.  And it is not how much I eat because when it is recommended a meal every three hours I consider a 'meal' to be a snack bar.  I have been doing it for the last few days anyway, aiming for different types of foods, maybe a yogurt of lunch, that sort of thing.  Also adding in cranberry juice or water in place of a caffiene free diet coke... figuring might as well cut down on that while I'm at it.

I don't know... seems to ironic that I stopped eating during the day because of migraine symptom severity and yet some people suggest doing so could be causing migraines.  But didn't I have the migraines first, which altered my habits in the first place?  Well, that is why it is a change that could possibly have a positive effect, but health wise it is better for a person it eat this way, just may not be benificial in the way I want.  But then yoga, which I do about three times a week twenty minutes or so, is supposed to be good for FMS, muscle health wise and just plain movement wise, but really, it just means more daily pain.

All I'm saying is Food is the last unconquered potential migraine trigger.  So I figure start with the basics and then I can tweak it from there.  So adding small snacks every three hours of fibre, protiens and so forth are good additions anyway.  I still cannot do breakfast though... the very thought of food in the morning makes me ill.  Blah.  Best I can do is within three hours of waking up.  Seriously, my stomach hates me right now, so this plan is already sucking.  I am rather hoping it will just get used to it.  Plus... just so you know... never take magnesium on an empty stomach because That does not feel good at all. 
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