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Off the chart migraine pain at work...

These days I usually develop a migraine right around 1 pm and I am already at work so I treat it as best I can and carry on.  Sometimes I get full blown acute migraines in the morning, of which I am far more likely to call in sick from because the motivation to move is really not there.  Today I woke up groggy and stupid, running late for work with a slight ache in my head.  I had an acute migraine yesterday, but well into the evening and it responded quite well to my triptan.  But my lungs and heart did not respond so well to that triptan, so I have those achy chest pains and naggy breathing issues that likely compramised my sleep.  But I got to work fine.  I got through the first hour or two fine.  Then one of those horrific monster migraines hit.  So intense I could barely take it.  When I drove back to work after lunch it was so insanely painful, the slowing down and speeding up.  I should not have been driving but I took my triptan and I could not exactly not go back to work... that is frowned upon.  The triptan did absolutely nothing.  I could barely move my head let alone think.  So I took a tramacet just to dampen the pain enough to tolerate moving my head... it still hurt like hell and movement was still sharply painful but just better enough.  It made the day very, very long.  I got a bad case of the yawns, as my brain really just wanted to hide in a nice dark place and sleep.  The pain roared right back up a couple hours later and needed another pain killer just to get through the day.  Then another when i got home.  Thankfully it has gone down from a 9 to a 7 and I can handle a 7, expecially since tommorow is Friday.  I really, really never want to have to work in that much pain again.  I mean there are good pain days, once in awhile, and there are bad pain days, most of the time... and then there are nightmare intense pain days.

It doesn't help that I have taken my triptan two days in a row, thus aggravating those nasty side effects that make me need to take my inhaler... but, by the way, I would rather have some moderate breathing issues at work than an acute migraine.  I have a desk job, I don't need to breath all that well to sit there.  Obviously it is a concern and maybe I will reluctantly mention it whenever I get a hold of my neuro, but only if I am confident he will put me on a different triptan.  Anyways, can't take my triptan tommorow or those unpleasant side effects will become an issue all on their own.  So I damn well hope this migraine kicks it tonight... or I am going to see how many pain killers I can take and still have half a brain left over to work.  Today the pain itself made consentration very difficult, but once I knocked it down a tad I was amazed I was able to focus on my customers clearly enough to understand what they are saying.  It is astonishing how much pain we can handle when we feel like we need to... but only if we feel like it will go away soon.  A few days of a migraine like that and I would contemplate knocking myself unconcious with a hammer.

I had a grusome thought at lunch time while I was building up the courage to go back to work.  I remember this silience of the lambs movie, the third I believe, where lector has this captive and he cuts off the top of his skull, exposing the brain... and because the brain itself has no nerves he cuts out parts, fries them up and feeds them back to the victim.  nasty image.... but I would contemplate self brain surgery to cut out wherever a migraine starts.
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