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I love darkness

It is no secret I loath light and avoid it at all costs.  I wear the darkest of sunglasses right up until it is too dark to see with them.  I wear my pink tinted glasses at work to filter out the nasty, nasty florescent light that was invented by the devil.  I decrease the brightness and contrast on computer screens to the extent others cannot see the screen.  I read in very dim lighting better than in regular lighting.  I use low wattage light bulbs away from my direct line of sight.  My house may have windows but they all have the blinds closed and tilted upward to eliminate any light seepage.  In the bedroom I keep the blinds closed, have curtains closed and have those curtains pinned to the wall... so it is a bedroom I could process film in if I desired.  When driving at night I see better without traffic signs and other headlights, other headlights obscure everything and it is simply faith the road is still there that keeps me from diving off of it to get away from that light... as you might imagine, I don't drive at night, it tends to freak my passengers out for some reason.  I think vampires are very lucky because they have an irrefutable reason to avoid sunlight as spontaneous combustion essentially means they cannot leave the house during the day, lucky buggers... I would consider becoming one but I like garlic.  Migraines are one reason I loath light, just because of the sensitivity and stabbing me in the eyeball aspect light has.  Also FMS makes me always sensitive to light, so it is sort of a combo effect.

Sooo... I am loving the reduced daylight of approaching winter!

Problem is... I also loath winter.  And when the nasty white stuff gathers everywhere, well, then the nasty sunlight reflects off all that whiteness making it all worse.  Fortunately I will spend most of the evil daylight hours inside at work under the evil florescent lights.

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