When things get worse...

There is always a time that comes where the pain begins to own me. Preventing me from doing anything and greatly tormenting me when I choose to anyway. Sometimes I ignore it and think it will get better, I just need to get through this bad spell... and it does not get better because things become extremely stressful from missing work and just plain stressful from trying to work.

So I have made a plan to do things that will help get me through this rough spell without having to take another medical leave of absence.

First, I will be going to physiotherapy to help with the bad neck pain I have that is making my migraines so much worse.  It is not even describable how painful it is when my neck is like this and I have a migraine.  And physio was the only thing that helped the last time my neck was out if sorts and causing pain down to my shoulders and restricting mobility.  They have the massage on the neck, heat bads and other techniques.  They also give you exercises to do yourself.

Second, I am setting up another in-patient migraine treatment.  If it works I think I might ask my doctor to set one up every time I have a status migraine.

Third, I have an appointment with my neuro in January where we can look at why my hands are still numb and adjust my medications.  And ask him as well how long he thinks I can reasonably go on like this.

Hopefully these will all help get me through the rough spot because it is beginning to effect my mood already, just from trying to get through things in such pain. But I have to try something.  Anything.
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