Impressive aura

I have to admit the visual aura manifestations can be quite spectacular and infinitely hard to describe to someone who has never seen them.  If you pressed against your eyes for a few minutes and then released the sort of pulsating sparkles you might see are very close to what I call a classic visual aura... a distorted area of positive or negative colors that through the course of the aura gradually expands through the visual field. Then there is visual snow which is a billion specks of white, gold or eletric blue that fill the entire visual field like white static on a TV, sometimes just making everything sparkle and sometimes making everything distorted like a bad image on a TV where the reception is very bad. If you catch me staring vacantly at the sky or a white wall it is because I am distracted by the sparkles. 

I was impressed by an aura on Thursday.  All day I was getting the most impressive sharp sparks of blue light just periodically flashing and drawing my attention for sure.  Then near the end of the day my whole visual field began to shimmer. Best I can describe it is like I was looking through heat. Everything just sort of rippled back and forth slightly. I have had similar auras before it is just that visual auras are so very diverse and bizzare. People honestly do not know how difficult it can be sometimes to focus on them, or read or walk when the visual aura is that warping. Whereas the flashes of blue light were just interesting... although given how abrupt and bright they were I can imagine a situation where they would not be welcome, such as driving and thinking there was something there that I would need to swerve to avoid.

Anyway, very bizarro.  And fasinating. Also can't honestly use the phrase 'seeing is believing' if you get that sort of migraine aura. Otherwise I would have to come up with all sorts of random theories to explain what I see. Like a billion dancing fairies.
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