Happy New Year

I brought the new year in with a whopping migraine, one that I could not treat with triptans because I had already done so for the three days prior.  So no New Years Eve party or socializing for me this year... or last year if I recall correctly.  Mind you, I don't think I'd be up for it even had I been migraine free; all that vertigo and such that has been going on has also been causing some serious fatigue.  I get insane nap attacks... sometimes after only being up for an hour.  Such a waste of day when it is spent sleeping.

Anyway I am so done with 2011.  Bring it on 2012.  Let's hope for less pain this year.  Better treatment.  Less work related stress.  Less annoying and random symptoms.

My  New Years resolution is just to continue not smoking.  That will be an achievement in itself.  Actually might as well tack on to continue mild exercise, better eating habits and taking my vitamins... because being the way my brain is, it is damn hard to stick to any routine of any sort, so if I can continue for the next year eventually it will become a habit.
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