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I just can't wake up

I admit my migraine symptoms have been erratic and intense, which is disturbing and difficult to function around.  That's just the way my brain rolls and it is not like my workplace has accomadation for someone merely crippled by pain to help get me through a rough spot... they prefer the make things ways more stressful approach.  Not to say it is getting to me, yet, just that it annoys me. I think all work places would be the same really becase who wants a chronically ill employee right?  That doesn't make it right some of the crap companies pull on us, but I think the bias and discrimination is probally univerally found in most places of employment.  I mean my workplace almost killed me, literally, and that is pretty impressive.  But I made it through 2011 without jumping off a cliff and that was my New Years resolution that year.  So Yay me.  Which means I try not to let that crap get to me as much.  But I am struggling with the migraines lately, added with the numbness in my hands, adding in the episodes of vertigo, adding in the increase in intensity to my visual aura making everything warpy.  It is hard-er.  Now since the vertigo began and maybe it is a part of that symptom I have had the worst fatigue ever.  It could be a fibro thing saying 'hey, the pain is draining you, deal with it'.  It is severe fatigue though.  After I drag myself out of bed I am confused and disorientated.  I begin to shake that off but I am still sluggish and tired.  I manged to get dressed and out the door and to work.  About an hour in I start yawning and craving a nap.  By the time lunch rolls around I go home and do have a nap, to the point of almost falling into a deep sleep and sleeping in.  I drag myself back to work and the fatigue begins to effect my consentation and my eyes get all wonky, having troubles focusing on the screen like I have not had enough sleep or something.  But I am getting enough sleep, so it is just crazy fatigue that won't go away.

I tried eating sugar to give me a boost.  I tried eating regular meals.  I tried shooting coffee to try and wake up a bit.  I tried sleeping in on the weekend.  I tried taking an extra nap on the weekend.  Nothing is shaking this fatigue.  Really sucks.

On a good note, crazy ass migraines asside, my neuro appointment is this month.  So less than a month and I can get some answers.  I am putting all my hope on him but he may not have answers and he may not know what to do.  That scares me.  I know he does not have a magic pill that will solve all my problems.  I just want answers and potentially something that can make things just a little bit better.  Thats all I ask.  A little bit better.
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