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It's just a really bad headache

Sometimes I think people believe migraines are a just a really bad headache.  I think this is because they are focusing on the symptom of pain, which is familiar to them, in the form of a headache.  So then they think migraines must just be more pain.  Even doctors focus on the pain mostly.  The pain is a big deal.

When I was younger my migraines presented in a very typical way.  I got a very recognizable aura in form of large blotches of light completely obscuring on side of my vision and visual snow.  I got very normal nausea that was violent enough I was put on a dissovable triptan, but nausea is a classic migraine sysmtom.  And I had very actute sudden onset migraine pain.  My migraines always occured from hormonal triggers and sometimes occured randomly at other times.  This is the sort of migraine people think about when they hear the word.

But every migraine sufferer has differnt assortments of aura sysmtoms, if they get them, and sometimes they do not get pain as a symptom at all.  And every migraine we get is different than other ones we get.  Expecially when migraines become chronic... when the brain is always on overdive and some aura symptoms begin to persist as a resut.  My visual snow for example became permanent.  It was worse with a migraine attack but it is always there.

Migraine though come with a variety of neurlogical symptoms that simply are mind boggling to others.  Thsi vertigo I have been getting is not abnormal, even for me, since I get episodes of vertigo with migraines every so often.  Now it is persisting.

Migraines-A-General-Overview I go though the basics but what I am refering to here is the section on aura symptoms that are very varied and make migraine far beyond just a migraine or even that classical image of a migraine.  Distortions in the perception of time, in hearing, in smelling, seeing, touch and motor skills.  For example this migraine week I have been getting
"Autokinesis: Illusion of apparent movement of stationary objects. Objects may appear to be warping and shifting." and "Dysmetropsia: Visual illusions involving an alteration in the size or separation of visual objects. Often seen in Alice in Wonderland Syndrome." and then this one "Depersonalisation: affects our self-awareness. It is a feeling of being detatched from a situation, watching your self act, while having no control. The world may feel surreal, intangible or dream like." all with the vertigo itself.

So a migraine is never just a migraine.  It is the brain we are talking about after all and the symptoms that occur during a migraine are diverse, bizzare and not ones people are familiar with.  Hard to call in sick to work saying 'I have a migraine but until the horribly painful migraine I had yesterday and went to work with, this is equally painful but I can really see my envioment as it seems to be warpy and shifting, I have vergio and the floor feels spoungey, the floor looks to be closer than it should be and hallway longer.... so while I could try to dampen the pain as best I can it is moot because I would jave to be a freakin idiot to drive like this.'  Trust me I have tried this.  Morning migraines tend to have full blown weird woo woo symtptoms that mess up my abilityt to see and move.

There is a level of weirdness that we go though that is difficult to explain.  Because I get so many migraines, well some of them are my classic migraine, some make me feel like I have the worst stomach flu ever, some the pain is so far beyond acute it cannot be treated, some make it impossible to see, some make it impossible to hear, some make it difficult to speak while others make it hard to comprehend what others speak.

I'm still fighting a killer status migraine right now and at that pain point where if someone said it was just a headache or that their migraines are not like that... I would likely punch them in the face.

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