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It has been seven years since I was on Topamax and here we are back again.  My neuro has decided to try it again, with my other preventatives, but does not want to put me on too much, because of my other preventatives.  Yeah, more drugs piled onto more drugs is not always the best idea.  However there is something to be said for his drug choice.  I did have a positive result with it when I was on it.  It did reduce migraine frequency, just not to a level that was satisfactory to my doctor at the time, so she added Inderal which did nothing and then added more Inderal which caused things like passing out and a blood pressure close to a dead persons.  And then a short term leave from work, a referral to a neuro and different drugs.  It was bad timing really given I had just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which can cause migraines so maybe they shouldn't have played around with my meds and should have waited to see what the Synthroid did.  The point is doctors aim for a significant reduction in migraine frequency and that seems to be really unrealistic at this point.  A reduction, a positive result of any kind, is a win really.  So we will see if it does anything this time around.  I do remember when my drug plan switched me from Topamax to the generic form I didn't have the same result and at the time my doctor thought I was just getting used to the drug and it was not working as well. 

The only side effects I really remember with Topamax was the tingling in the hands, feet and face... and given I don't feel must at all in my hands now, it isn't likely to bother me.  One potential side effect is weight loss, which is very rare as a side effect, and hey here's hoping it counteracts the weight gain I got from the last preventatives.  Now most people have no fondness for Topamax and label it Dopamax because one major side effect is that it makes you stupid.  But, then, really my brain functioning goes from high to extremely low every damn day due to migraines so I honestly don't think I'll notice.  I didn't notice before.  I still had issues with my short term memory.  I still had trouble concentrating.  Still had issues remembering events.  Honestly if it caused more brain fog than I already get from the migraine FMS combo then I'll be way too dumb to notice.
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