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Acutely chronic

On the form my doc had to sign for my employer, because my employer like to be asshats sometimes, at the very top it has these boxes to check off whether the patient has a temporary, chronic or acute condition.  And my doc said well 'you have a chronic and an acute condition'.  That is precisely the point right there.  Because people, employer specifically, assume chronic means you will always have it, it will always be the same, therefore you must deal with it and should never miss work for it.  Which is wrong on so many levels.  That being said chronic conditions can be manageable, like my Fibromyalgia is.  My employer has never had me call in sick from FMS.  It is a chronic pain condition, it is an invisible disability, and yet, I never call in sick for it.  I had a flare up where I had troubles walking for a year and yet I came in every day, walking in a shuffling slow pace, but there without complaint.  There was a year I slept with wrist braces on both my wrists and wore one to work daily from a flare up there, again no complaints from me, never called in sick.  It is chronic condition, it can cause flare ups that are painful and can effect how I work and movement.  In my case, the pain of it is significantly reduced by Lyrica and the other symptoms managed in other ways.

  Chronic migraines are a little different, because they can be manageable and they might not be.  If they are then they are still chronic, but they are being effectively treated such that the person is not missing much work, just the occasional untreatable migraine.  Still means they are getting over fifteen migraines a month, it just mean with their medications and treatment plan they have been able to reduce the intensity of those migraines or abort them when they come, or shorten the duration of them.  That was me at my best and I still missed more work than the average employee, but it was all right because I was within policy guidelines and was not harassed about it.  Plus because the migraines were managed I felt so much better, I had achieved that blessed balance.  That was a long time ago though and it did not last long.

Acute expresses the fact that yes, I have chronic migraines, but they are not being treated effectively at all, therefore there the pain level is extreme, daily, which causes a great deal more absences.  Since I am coming into work with migraines, untreated, or partially treated and working the best I can, causing that migraine to linger to the next day, where I repeat, and by the third day I am drain emotionally, physically and mentally and tend to then miss a day... or make it though till day five.  Acute means I fight to get to work every day and fight the pain every day and when I lose the battle and call in sick it is usually when I'm on the third day of a status migraine where by then nothing will work and there is nothing more I can take.  The numbers of absences don't look good at all, about two days a month on average, but from my perceptive that was really, really hard.

So yeah, I need to get rid of the acute part.  Just lower the frequency and intensity down enough that I can begin to find a way to manage them again.
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