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Eventually we wonder... why don't these treatments work?

Why Treatment Isn't Working Study - I had to post about this little article because honestly it does occur to us after awhile.  With all the medications out there, for those of us who have tried and tried and tried... why do we not find that successful combo?  What is it that is complicating the situation?  One thing the study brought up would be the most obvious... high frequency of attacks.  It is simply harder to treat them when they are that frequent and I think the brain just gets wired for all the activity frankly and hieghtened for the triggers, so high frequency is definetely an indication there will be problems with treatment.  Having migraine before the age of twenty years old is another sign and again that might just show how the brain becomes hard hired for it, expecially since it is still developing until 21.

Then of course the co-existing conditions... sleeping problems and such things as fibromyalgia.  That would be me on both counts there.  Yes, my migraines are extremely frequent, but I do not believe they would be if I did not already have FMS and the sleeping problems associated with that syndrome.  Sleep is a big issue for sure, and I get a lot less morning migraines now that I am on sleeping pills than I used to, which means less missed work since I am not waking up with acute migraines as often... I just work up to them in the afternoon.  Anyway, other conditions can complicate migraines in many ways.  For example, other than the sleep issues FMS causes a great deal of muscle pains (less with Lyrica) and with chronic migraines there is a great deal of neck pain... with the both I ended up with pain that spread to my shoulder and down my arm, restricting my ability to move it every time I had a migraine and when the migraine went away it was just extremely sore.  Took six months of physio to work that out.

It is good to know they are looking at the cases of where treatment is not working and trying to figure out the conditions why it is not.  One question that always annoys me to no end is when people ask me why my migraines are so frequent or why they are so difficult to treat.  As if it is abnormal.  It isn't abnormal, but it isn't common either.  Chronic migraines are more common than people think for certain and those that do get them chronically do not necessarily have the same issues with treatment.  With all the different forms of triptans and preventatives out there many people find effective treatments.  But there are plenty of reasons for treatments to fail as well and I happen to be one of the unlucky few at this time.  Just the way it is.

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