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Spring blues

We are having some volitile spring weather which is giving me some volitile migraine attacks.  Also giving a case of the Guilts as well, because I missed a day of work last week and a day the week before that.  I miss too damn much and I hope the Topamax will put an end of that and I hope so hard I think I might be thinking it is working better than it is.  But I will go up to the next dosage and see.  Spring also makes it so damn light outside.  I hate it.  Bah humbug spring.


Fibromyaliga: Say What? Here is a short article I wrote about Fibromyalgia to go alone with my other basic migraine one.  Thought I ought to have one showing the FMS basics as well, since it is a confusing one to explain sometimes.

Fibromyalgia Fustrations

Fibromyalgia is what I would call one of those syndromes that is not really understood, even by doctors, there is no known cause and no real treatment for it.  It has numerous symptoms and it is like a house of cards... it is triggered in the brain and then the brain sends out the constant nerve signal of pain, pain, pain that just never ends, you get this constant fatigue, insomnia, what people call 'fibro' fog which is poor consentration and short term memory problems and then just numerous symptoms cascade down from there as various different systems of the body are affected by the overall nervous system fatigue.  It is definately the root of my unhealthy tree and it is the most likely cause to why my migraines are chronic and so unresponsive to treatment.  I have described in years past where I have had trouble walking for several months due to the sudden and inexplicable pain and weakness in the tendons and ligaments in my feet, or the crippling pain in my wrists for seve…

Visual snow

I've had visual snow literally for as long as I can remember. I remember being a young kid sharing a room with my brother asking him if I saw the sparkles too and him falling sleep mid conversation... I was also an insomniac back then. Anyway, the sky was always full of sparkles... billions of white specks of light dnacing around. And so when objects are around they do look staticy with all thse sparkles behind it. Warpy even. And certain lightings make it look more static like or more warpy. I had not realized it was a 24/7 thing, I assumed it was a prolonged aura thing.

Went for a little trip to the ER on Monday

Always my least favourite place to be.  I worked up a wicked status migraine, which normally is no cause for alarm since I work up a wicked status migraine every month, but this one was slightly worse due to the flu I was recovering from and, also, because the pain jacknifed so high in intensity on Sunday night I literally did not get any sleep.  Literally.  Not figuratively.  Literally lay there in too much agony to get to the point of even contemplating sleep.  My head touching the pillow was too much to bear.  Made for a very, very long night.  I tried my damndest to get to sleep though.  Tried my triptan early in the evening.  Took my sleeping pill before bed.  A tramacet painkiller at about 2am, then another at 4am.  Eventually I just got up and waited for my spouse to get up so he could drive me to the ER... I didn't want to wake him, since I figured he could just drop me off and go to work and would need his sleep.  He gets up early mind you so at that point it was not a lo…

One thing I hate about Fibromyalgia...

Is the looong recovery from any illness.  In this particular case I'm talking about a flu, or a cold, with stomach flu symtpoms, still not sure what it was, only that I got quite a bit sicker as the week went on.  Quite a bit more dehydrated due to the flu symptoms as well and just couldn't keep up with my fluid intake, so got even more sick and then got a killer, killer migraine on Friday that didn't go away and landed me in the ER on Monday.  Which is fine, but the flu or anything the messes with my digestive system just upsets that delicate balance there is with FMS, because of the issues with IBS being a symptom and all.  So I can't even tell if I'm still sick or not.  But I can definately say it sure feels like I am.  It is like getting food poisoning every damn time I eat anything, which as I said, makes it damn hard to keep hydrated.  I don't think I'm still sick because I've shaken most of the cold symptoms so really it is a case of getting my s…

Neuropathy, doubting the doc and adverse side effects

The peripheral neuropathy I have in my right hand, and a little in my left hand is not in doubt.  The nerve damage is there and it is a given.  However, how it happened and why it happened are really debatable.  My neurologist definitely diagnosed it correctly but stating it was from the frequency of migraines I get, while possible, is guesswork given he didn't do anything to confirm that.  Plus, that is freaky... I get migraines ALL the time and the fact that ONE migraine cause permanent nerve damage in my entire right hand and half the left is of great concern given it could happen any other time.  And I hate it when doctors do that.  Which happens a great deal with fibromyalgia... 'of thats just from the FMS' and it ends up being hypothyrodism, or asthma and they are all 'my bad' after things get significantly worse.  We are expected to just bow down and worship their awesome knowledge but they can be wrong and they are definitely wrong at times.  However, how c…