Went for a little trip to the ER on Monday

Always my least favourite place to be.  I worked up a wicked status migraine, which normally is no cause for alarm since I work up a wicked status migraine every month, but this one was slightly worse due to the flu I was recovering from and, also, because the pain jacknifed so high in intensity on Sunday night I literally did not get any sleep.  Literally.  Not figuratively.  Literally lay there in too much agony to get to the point of even contemplating sleep.  My head touching the pillow was too much to bear.  Made for a very, very long night.  I tried my damndest to get to sleep though.  Tried my triptan early in the evening.  Took my sleeping pill before bed.  A tramacet painkiller at about 2am, then another at 4am.  Eventually I just got up and waited for my spouse to get up so he could drive me to the ER... I didn't want to wake him, since I figured he could just drop me off and go to work and would need his sleep.  He gets up early mind you so at that point it was not a long wait.  We got to the ER about 5:30 ish. 

It actually was on of the better ER visits really.  I may have been in agony, but I was way beyond the aura phase of the migraine, so I was actually not feeling fuzzy headed or confused which I usually do, just in a boat load of pain.  It wasn't busy at all which was a plus for sure.  I got into the back right away and into a seperate room, which was great, because they shut the door, turned off the lights and just let me be until the doc arrived... so much better than being on the main floor where it is bright and noisy.  It was about a three hour wait but it was not like it usually isn't.  They asked what I usually take and I said they usually give me a toradol shot 90% of the time and the nurse asked if that usually worked, and I said no but that's what they do and I was out of ideas and severely sleep deprived.  Honestly, that is why I rarely go to the ER, its not like they listen to me and going for a treatment that only works 5% of the time isn't worth the time and pain.  When the doctor came in he asked the same thing and I gave the same response and said I usually don't even bother coming in for status migraines but this particular time I just hadn't gotten any sleep, which means the pain was going to be that mindblowingly acute all day long since nothing was working if I didn't try something, anything, different.  (I'd promised to confer with my spouse and go to the ER when I get a severe status migraine back in 2010, but I don't, but in cases where the pain begins to affect my ability to sleep I have to because then it begins to compramise my ability to reason).  He said usually in cases where a migraine ends up like that they use morphine to bring the pain back down and gravol to control the nausea.  I was fine with that, never had that before but I have had percocet to do the same thing.  He gave me the shot.  I rested for maybe fifteen minutes while it kicked in and then.... the pain just... went away.  I sort of felt an ache behind my eyes, and that flare of electrical pain when I stood and moved too fast, but other than that it was blissfully better.  A billion times more effective than toradol and without the crazy rapid heart rate thing too.  So I went home set my alarm clock for four hours of sleep... otherwise I would have slept all day and then not slept at night and got some fricken rest.  The morphine lasted longer than most painkillers I think because I didn't feel the migaine pain come back until several hours later, but when it did it was significantly reduced in intensity.  So he was right, it did bring the pain level down to normal intensity levels.  Maybe the next time I go to the ER I will just ask them for the same thing I got the last time, since if one doctor prescribed it, and it worked, they might be more likely to try it again... instead of doing the same damn thing that doesn't work over and over again.  I wish I knew what clinic that doc worked at because he sounded quite reasonable, but the fact he said that is what is usually done for a status migraine gone wild and it is never what is done at that ER makes me wonder where he usually works, because we get docs from all over.  Some of them know frightfully little about migraines, but occasionally some know a lot (I had one treat me with an older ergotomine, that is when I hadn't taken my triptan with 48 hrs, for a status migraine, with a anti-nauseau drug on a drip that worked wonders).

Anyway, migraine is back today, but status migraine is aborted because I didn't wake up with a migraine this morning.  Yay.  Just got one this afternoon.  Boo.

That is not to say toradol shots don't work on migraines, because they do, just in my case not on status migraines.  My doc suggested I ask my neuro to prescribe torodol in shot form, teach me to self administer it, to be used in cases where I have an acute migraine that doesn't respond to my triptan... prior to it becoming a status migraine.  Which is a damned good idea, because a) I can't take anti-inflammatories in pill form anymore and b) anti-inflamatories are one of the best ways to treat my hormonally triggered migraines.  For some reason once my brain is stuck in migraine mode for longer than three days not much of anything works unless you can get me to sleep, which often doesn't work even with sleeping pills, or just use a pain killer to control the pain long enough for me to get some sleep or just let it run its course (and apparently hope you don't wake up with nerve damage).
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