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The day in the life of office migraineur

Well, first day at new office location.  Wasn't a bad pain day at all which was a good thing.  It was one of those late day start migraines, so the aura phase was what I was mostly dealing with.  A lot of brain fog and haziness but that was about it.  And a slow day anyway because I was getting all my office crap set up.  The commute there was all right since I didn't get much sleep.  That may sound like it would suck but oddly enough when I get a crappy nights sleep I wake up more alert because I haven't really slept.  It will suck more when I get some sleep and wake up groggy as hell trying to shake that off before the drive.  Now, the commute back did suck balls because the traffic was insane... people are really in a hurry and that was when my migraine decided to come on strong.  By the time I got home it was full blown acute.  And still going strong. 

I have to figure out how to get in a doctors appointment as well, now that my doctors office is half an hour away rather than five minutes.  Because I need to discuss upping my topamax.  And if he will even let me now.  He might be fine, but I'm not sure it is a good idea given the last increase was insane on the fatigue scale, sleepiness and mental, for a month before it settled down... and not too keen on driving like that.  But really want to get to that dosage to see if I'll see a better result.  Because... without the toptamax at This dosage I'd have had an acute migraine all day today rather than just at the end, so... I'd like to keep on going with it; see if I can get Hellish down to just Hell.  And ask him if there is an FMS support group I can meet with in the area.  I am just all over the place with mood and my mental space lately and would like to chat with other people to get some motivational support, you know?  Get that optimism back that my neuro killed the last time we spoke.  Bastard.  Way to ruin my hope, there bud.  But then, at least he is going to send me to that headache specialist clinic... somewhere in the future.

I applied for a blogging/article job online.  One of those ones you make very little money at, just revenue based on views and such... but I thought it would be fun since it is an FMS one, and this is essentially my migraine one.  And if I get enough of these small income streams eventually I will be able to buy an ice cream... which will make me happy. :)  Writing makes me happy really.  Always did, always does.  Just like writing my novels does... although ironically I make more writing articles than I do novels (I think i need to find a way to market my self-published novels, no idea how to do that, but that is completely off topic, except that would also make me money and maybe then I wouldn't have to effing work!)
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