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Two things that do not go well with car accidents are migraines and FMS

I was in what I would call a minor car accident where no one was overly hurt, cars were fine and drive-able and everything was good.  But first of all I have been having wicked migraines all week so I've had a very sore and tender neck, and had a borderline migraine at that point... so slamming on the brakes and impacting with a truck and getting jostled around like that even in a minor collision caused immediate pain in my neck arching up into my head and a flare of a migraine.  Which rapidly became worse and worse and worse.  At first I ignored it because I had other concerns, such as the seat-belt pulling taunt causing shortness of breath and some chest pain.  I dealt with the accident and went back to work but the chest pain and shortness of breath persisted so I took my asthma inhaler.  I think the chest pain was actually from the seatbelt itself, while people don't usually feel soreness till the next day (or so they told me) my FMS makes that not the case at all, especially for trigger points and I had a very sharp pain below my collarbone and shoulder, which is a very sensitive spot.  The pain sort of flared out from there and lasted a good six hours and now is just an ache all around the shoulder itself and through the chest wall sternum area.  So that was pretty immediate, but also very minor really.  Very, very minor.  For me anyway.  Relatively speaking anyway.  I mean, it hurt (and it concerned me enough to mention it to a staff member, take a second shot of my puffer and wonder if it was something else.. its sometimes hard to tell chest wall pain from asthma lung pain and heart pain and I should know, I've had em all).  Chestwall pain does hurt, but acute migraine pain hurts a hell of a lot more.  Seriously.  A hell of a lot more.  I wasn't feeling so great though.  Unsteady, dizzy and shaken.  So I went home.  I intended to do a police report for insurance and go to the hospital to get checked out, just in case, like people at work suggested I do.  But, I barely made it home... the migraine pain just rocketed up.  It was insanely painful.  I couldn't even comprehend moving let alone driving myself to the hospital.  So I didn't.  And really I thought it was fine because a migraine is a migraine no matter the trigger and the accident really wasn't serious so no big deal.  I mean I don't think people normally go to the hospital after accidents of that nature so I didn't think it was a big deal.  It would have been different if it had been a serious asthma attack, or chest pains of serious nature, or neck pain from the accident itself but I know my body and it may of been shaken and startled into a reaction of shortness of breath and a migraine, but it was not serious serious. 

That night I began to notice my abdomen began to ache and again the first thing to occur to me was it was because of the damn seatbelt and because with FMS I felt the pain faster and stronger than I should given the situation.  So I wasn't alarmed really.  Maybe I little wierded out because you think well, how much of an impact do you need to unsettle your internal organs?  Maybe I pushed my kidney up into my ribcage?  What do I know?  But really I just thought the seatbelt had squeezed me a little too well.  Honestly, I just hoped the migraine would be under control for work because I knew, just knew, I was going to ache like a sonofabitch the next day.  Little did I know how much I was going to hurt the next day.  FMS can be such a bitch because honestly I can't image this amount of pain is normal for such a thing.  My boyfriend totally crunched his truck last year and felt nothing, and I feel like someone used me for a human punching bag.  I got up in the morning and literally doubled over.  I could not even stand straight.  I had cramping pain shooting through my abdomen and pain all the way across.  The pain across made sense... effing seatbelt! (honestly I think I'd be in less pain if I hadn't been wearing the seatbelt and just ping-ponged around the car) it was the cramping pain that had me damned concerned and the fact that I couldn't stand straight or walk without being crouched over.  So I called in sick and tried to get in to see my doctor, which I couldn't.  I still had a wicked migraine and was nausea   So I lay there and tried to figure out whether I should wait until someone could drive me to the ER or until the after hours clinic opened if I felt I could wait that long and it was not bad enough for the ER.  You know where you try and figure out whether something is bad enough to be concerned about or whether you should just ignore it?  With chronic conditions we all have practice ignoring so many things but in this instance if something is wrong, even a pulled muscle, you should get it documented.  Then I got a call from work, apparently someone else had called in sick and they wanted me to come in which I wasn't certain I could do, so I was like damn now I have to drive myself to the ER.  Which wasn't pleasant.  I was fine lying down in the fetal position but getting up and moving around wasn't fun and then sitting in the ER just aggravating my migraine to the extreme.  What the hell is it about hospitals that make them so migraine horrific?  The lighting?  The smells?  Something anyway.  If you don't have a migraine, you'll get one and if you have one, it'll get worse.  So it sucks if that's what you're there for, but then if that's what you're there for have luck getting good treatment anyway.  And wow I thought it hurt when I was just laying there but when that doc pressed down on my stomach I just about jumped off the table.

The ER of course took a very long time because they have to do x-rays and blood work and then wait for everything to come back.  And of course to then treat the migraine which by then was getting quite acute.  I really just wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as I could just so I could find the deepest and darkest hole to crawl into, but I had to wait it out.  Usually when I go in for migraine treatment, and it fails, which is usally the case, I can just get up and go home and suffer in the dark in peace.  This time I had to wait, and wait in the bright hospital smelly hell with a nasty acute migraine for whatever test results to come back so I could confirm that there was not some slim chance my stomach had not ruptured or if I had pulled such and such a muscle there was a record of it. The doctor said there was no concern over damage that it was just soft tissue bruising and so forth which should begin to get better within a week, but if it doesn't to follow up with my doc not because it would be anything seriously wrong but just because it could be muscle issues.  I couldn't go into work unfortunately even to help out for the few hours left in the evening because I was hopped up on migraine meds... which, by the way, didn't really work but that's because as usual they gave me toradol shots which just doesn't cut it for some reason.

So that was the opposite of fun.  Now I have to get my bloody car fixed, again.  And I'll have a migraine all weekend, or longer.  Plus however long this abdominal pain is going to last.  Joy.

And if I ever get in a serious accident the resulting migraine will be so horrifically painful that, relatively speaking, all other injuries will be barely even noticeable... like a broken leg.  That's assuming I'm wearing my seatbelt...
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