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Fibromyalgia Awareness

I found this on Facebook. One of the many pictures floating around because of FM/ME May 12th Awareness day. I like this one because FM is a syndrome with many symptoms and other conditions, like migraines that can become comorbid with it, that make it a complicated picture for every indivdual. Not fair to compare. For me, migraines have been a Big Issue, which is why this blog has been mainly about my chronic migraines, even though my chronic migraines likely became chronic because I have FM. Or so one theory would be these days, with the whole brain is wired for pain idea. Anyway, because that pain is insane (am I rhyming a lot today or is it me? anyhoo...) the pain related to FM associated with muscles is the lesser evil. Now that I'm in Lyrica anyway. It has in the past been crippling at times, but not all the time and not now. Just episodically and in certain muscle groups (you'll see posts historically where I have mentioned really bad wrist pain, both wrists, or really bad foot pain, both feet, that lasted for about a year, was difficult to treat, made it difficult to fucntion and then the pain went away). That is what it is like... for ME. I got my baseline pain that is low-moderate, unless I do something then it is high-moderate, but bearable. Then there are the flare ups which are severe. Other symptoms can be a wild assortment, we all get our share of them crazy ones. I have been getting eczema, skin rashes, allergy to shampoo out of nowhere, sensativity to smells, chemicals and very, very photophobic even without a migraine. But we are all different. The condition maniefests in different ways. Sleep for example: I get delayed onset insomnia, frequent waking and unrestorative sleep, and sleep peralysis. My father gets sleep apnea. Others my get unresortative sleep and RLS. Most of us get the unresorative sleep pattern, but get other sleep disorters on top of it that makes it extremely diffuclt to get a good nights rest, which them makes their fatigue and pain in the morning more difficult. Nevertheles, don't compare but we can share and support. Because we all need all the support we can get.
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