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Very strange nocturnal experience

I had a very strange nocturnal experience last night and thats saying a lot from someone who gets regular sleep paralysis episodes that can be disturbing and bizarre.  This was worrisome because I guess it could have been a seizure... unless it was a different and unusual form of sleep paralysis I have not experienced before.  I wasn't asleep yet, but sometimes it is hard to say that for certain so who knows, right?  And I usually get sleep paralysis in the middle of the night or morning not a few minutes after laying down, when I am unfortunately my most alert.  But because I didn't want to wake my spouse up, or spent hours in the ER when I had a migraine, I chose to calm myself down and not do anything about which in the light of day seems rather stupid.

Anyway, here is what happened.  I lay down to go to sleep and was trying to relax.  I had a migraine but at that point it was not too severe.  I began to feel a weird pressure and tiggling in my head... weird but I did have a migraine.  It built up and spread over my head, down my neck and back.  I began to think I was feeling a bit odd and just trying to relax a bit.  It all went nutty after that point.  My eye lids fluttered, my hands and toes twitched.  I saw an arch of golden light flash in my field of vision.  My breathing became difficult and I wasn't able to control it or regulate it.  At that point I was pretty alarmed and my heart rate hammered out of control.  I tried to call out to my spouse by all that came out was like a 'nm' noise over and over and not loud enough to wake him up.  Then it was over.  Very quick.  Not at all like sleep paralysis that lingers, and your stuck and when you 'shake' it it is like jerking yourself out of glue.  It just was over and I was fine, except for the hammering heart rate of course.  And being a little confused.  I got up right away and was a little dizzy.  Had an insane migraine.  But otherwise felt fine.  I just didn't have the energy to go to the ER, even though it felt like a seizure I thought what if it was just a weird not-quite sleeping thing?  So I convinced myself not to worry about it.  Now, reading up on simple partial seizures and I'm thinking, damn, that seems like thats what it was. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to mention it to my doctor or wait until I see my neuro in October because what can my doctor really do anyway?  And who the hell gets a seizure on anti-seizure medication anyway?  But I honestly have no idea what that was.  Just too weird for me.

"The person remains awake and aware during the seizure. The seizure may be only a strange smell or taste, sound or visual disturbance, or feeling of confusion, anxiety, or fear-some people describe these sensations as an aura. The person's arms, face, or hands may briefly stiffen, tingle, flex, or jerk, but this does not always occur. Eyes may blink rapidly during the seizure. The person may cry out or may not be able to speak." -

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