The damned estrogen/hormonal trigger

Headache and migraine news posted about a study done looking at the roll between estrogen and migraines.  They found some obvious results:

The study also found that menstrual migraines are more resistant to treatment, last longer and seem to be more debilitating than attacks at other times of the month. Estrogen seems to be a major factor, though not the only factor. It’s interaction with other functions in the body may explain part of what’s going on.
 Yes, I concur.  Definately more reistent to treatment, as in they have never responded to any treatment that other migraines have.  If a preventative works for me, awesome, but it doesn't work on them, ever.  And yes, they last longer, as in they start and they do not end for DAYS.  And they are definately more debilitating because of the whole lasting longer, the difculty treating and then there is the fact they are so damned acute.  And estrogen definately isn't the only factor, other trigger compound in there... like lack of sleep.  Then there is just the extra stress the body is under that might aggravate the situation, or at least it does with FM.

I hate em.  Nothing more to say about it.

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