Definately doctor time... nocturnal seizures again

Sorry I missed a few blogging days for the blog-a-thon.  Been in status migraine mode so... a bit brainless at the moment. 

Last night I had another one of those nocturnal seizures.  So I think that has been about four episodes now.  Only one really bad one.  But all with three similar characteristics and that bothers me... that they are all the same format.  All the same time of night as well.  Maybe I am getting more and am not aware of it.  I don't know.  But this is what I do know...

a) It begins with a strong tingling at the base of my head and the spreads up over my head to my forehead and gets more intense.  And I know instantly it is going to happen.  I remain conscious each time.

b) Every time my eyelids flutter rapidly.  Sometimes I get a migraine like aura.  The one time that was the longest episode occurred with a bright aura.

c) Every time either my toes and/or my fingers spasm... they sort of rhythmically twitch open and closed.  This last time was just my toes, but usually it is both, maybe it is just this last time I didn't notice because my hands were under me.

d) Every time I try to call out to my boyfriend by I can't speak... I can make a noise but can't form words.

When it lasts longer it affects my heart rate and then my breathing gets weird.  But none of the episodes last very long at all.  Some just seconds.

So I don't know what the hell it is but I do know that more than once is something I need to be concerned about and can't just ignore even if that is what I like to do.  So I need to make a doctors appointment right away.  I just don't know if he is going to believe me.  I mean it is weird that this is suddenly occurring.  Especially since I'm on anti-seizure meds.  Maybe it is a medication thing.  I sure the hell can't figure this one out.

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