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Feeling rought, doc appointments and new medications

I have been off sick from work for two days.  Rough hormonal hell week.  What makes it worse is that when it pain peaks I just can't sleep.  Earlier in the week I had a day where I got about three hours of sleep and got through work but unfortunately by the end my aura symptoms were nutty and the migraine went apeshit on me.  The next day I had horrible vertigo from bed let alone when I stood up and a wicked migraine.  That night I did not sleep at all. Martin brought the phone into me and told me to call work when my alarm rang... and I said I can work with no sleep! Yeah, who was I kidding... I'm not 18 and I had a migraine and the aura symptoms were again haywire on the lack of sleep.  Just seeing and walking are a big issue.  In fact I feel damn ill, shaky, weak, my heart rate keeps hammering and then going back to normal, my stomach feels ill. I feel like crap all over.  Worse than yesterday.

Honestly I haven't been feeling well for awhile it just gets worse with the hormonal migraines and the sleep deprivation.  But with the vertigo episodies the other MAV symptoms, my vision being all warpy and making it hard to focus on things.  Plus the migraines. Plus the sleep deprivation.  And I'm just tired, so very tired.  I'm trying to hold out until October but frankly I just wish my doctor would put me on a leave of absence until then before I start passing on from these things.  Constantly throwing up on some days is bad enough and that alone can lead to passing out.

Anyway doc appointment.  In regards to my partial seizures... as I predicted first thing he thought... sleep paralysis and I had to explain it definately is not that, then he sited other more tame side effects from Topamax it could be and I'm like nope not those either.  So he is not sure, it could be, although it is rare... or it could be due to sleep deprivation, or both.  Either way he is lowering me to 25. mg which is practially a useless dose.  I expect I'll see an increase in migraine intensity and no more migraine free days. 

He also is putting me on toradol in shot form.  It was something he believe the neuro was going to do but we just don't have the time to wait so he prescribed it now.  It is for these acute migraines as it is exactly what they give me in the ER, but I can take it sooner and hopefully prevent a status migraine or treat these hormonal migraines better.  I'm not sure since it never works in the ER, but it might be too late by then.  It did work when I used to take it in pill form before it killed my digestive system, so it has the potential if used at the right time.  And injections will bypass the stomach issues anyway.  Good thing I'm not afraid of needles... although it is a little intimidating figuring out how to give yourself one the first time, but I'll firgure it out.

I don't know why the insomnia is worse honestly. But it's driving me nuts.  My insomnia even conquers sleeping pills apparently... or my pain does anyway.  My sleep has been obviously more restless... not counting those odd seizure things. I've been getting frequent sleep paralysis episisdoes which tells me I am sleep deprived anyway.  I'm also getting vertigo in the morning before I get up... I jerk awake feeling like I'm falling, feel weird and sick, then it settles... then happens again... and settles.  On those days if I get up I take a few steps and fall into the closet... severe balance issues.  I still get hypnotic jerks which do not help with insomnia by the way.
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