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Migraine Awareness Month #17: "Father Knows Best."

Some understand Migraines, some don't. It's Father's Day. Write a letter to your father or the man closest to you, and talk to him about your Migraines.


Hey Dad,

How goes it?  I don't need to explain pain to you.  We both get what chronic pain means.  By the way thanks for sharing that part of the gene pool!  But they say your children have a one and four chance of get fibromyalgia so... if we take that literally then my brothers are safe. Ha. Anyway, so you get pain and you know my migraines much like FM is chronic.  I would say the difference for me personally is that my migraines are far more crippling pain wise than fibromyalgia is.  I mean I know for a fact FM is more severe pain wise for you than it is for me.  I have had severe flare ups that have been debilitating but my base line pain is quite tolerable due to the Lyrica likely.  I know that is not the case for you.  And for me the migraine pain is far more severe and debilitating.  It fluctuates from moderate 6-7 to acute 7-8 to severe 9-10 from day to day.  Currently they are daily, often starting in the afternoon but sometimes starting in the morning.  Once a month I get a status migraine that is one long bitch of a migraine that last from three to six days acute to severe pain.  That's the pain, which I know you get.  It is a bit of a different type of pain though.  I once had an FM flare up in my wrists and feet that made it difficult to walk (i had to sort of shuffle and that's why Martin came up with the nickname shuffles by the way) and my wrists made it difficult to write and I couldn't put any pressure on them at all.  But as bad as the pain was it was isolated and it just altered how I moved and got things done.  Migraine pain you cannot alter how you move to avoid it, hell just moving your head is a Bad Idea sometimes.  It is difficult to ignore and to think through.  Maybe because it is in the head.  I know know but I find it the most distracting of all pains... and I can ignore a lot of pains.

But its not all about the pain and I think you get that as well because FM is not about the pain either, even though doctors are always so focused on it.  For example IBS comes with FM which I have and migraines likewise come with nausea and Diarrhea, or they can, and they do with me.  And the infamous fibro fog that causes problems with concentration, short term memory and word confusion.  before a migraine during  the aura phase I get them all.  And problems speaking words, spelling words, saying things in the wrong tense, backwards, forgetting words or their meaning.  I forget what I'm saying while I'm saying it.  FM has many symptoms and migraines have many neurological away symptoms.  I get hearing loss, visual snow (prolonged aura that doesn't go away) other visual auras of blotchy lights, warpy blue black lights.  I get numbness and tingling.  I get vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, confusion and these are all from 'migraine associated vertigo' which is also something that occurs whether I have a migraine or not, due to the fact they are so frequent.  Makes me feel like the ground is suddenly falling beneath my feet, or things are moving when they are not, or my head is spinning or the world looks all warpy and shifty.  Causes me a lot of anxiety sometimes.  Sometimes I get feelings of surrealness.  Or confusion.  Or unrealness.  Or I zone out and I can't understand what I'm doing.  I've lost the ability to tell right from left for some reason.  I've passed out a few times. All these things and more I'm likely forgetting make it difficult to think straight.  Make it difficult to get through work.  I have a hard time at work, which you know.  You of all people understand why I tried to kill myself, but I have to find a way to work through the torture.  If you have any pointers on that side let me know.

I think my migraines are getting to be dangerous.  So I think maybe they will handle me before long if things don't get sorted. I think this because first it was the angina and one time that was worse that that but I didn't go the the ER (but I'm still alive so don't call me foolish).  Then the vertigo getting consistently worse until now the MAV is just whenever according to the neuro.  Then the nerve damage on my right hand and some on the left from a status migraine... just because.  And the times I passed out.  And possibly a little seizure one night (not verified, but nothing like the one you had if this was anything it would have been a partial seizure).  So... I think my brain's electrical activity is like preparing for a super storm.  The storm of the century.  The migraine of the century I expect.  Then like a computer my brain will completely crash and they will need to reboot me.  I wonder... can we make a brain recover drive?  That would be super helpful.

Anyway, that's the deal with migraines.  Pain and a lot of other crap.  Just like FM.  But we're doing good.  We are alive.  We are surviving.  And that there is a good thing.

See ya later.

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