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Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #24: "Dear Genie"

Put together a wish list for your life.
Another thinker. You do realize I have a wicked migraine, right?  Thinking is just not on the skill set today but I'll try.  Thinking ahead is a bit difficult to do when I'm stuck in a migraine but to tell you the truth I avoid it like the plague anyway because it depresses the hell out of me.  The realism of it all you know.  But I suppose wishful thinking is different.

Abracadabra I wish to be pain free forever!!!!  Yay!!!  And that there would be the only wish I would need.

But assuming that was impossible and we were aiming for realistic wishes...

a) I wish I could work from home and make sufficient income to meet my financial obligations without causing financial strain and stress.  I would love that income to be made writing... fiction and/or non-fiction... both preferably.  But realistically if could be all sorts of different types of work as long as I could be at home, in a controlled enviroment so that if I have a brutal migraine I can deal with it properly and I'm not constantly afflicted with all that damned Light there is Outside and Evil floursent light.  The flexibility of working from home just would be optimum.  Full time work right now just is torture (less so at my new office enviroment with my current manager mind you) and I feel that it is literally causing my migraine symptoms to go haywire no matter how they are treated because if I can't properly treat a migraine and rest, avoid trigger, hide in the dark and do what I need to do then whatever treatment I use is basically null and void.  And constantly being afflicted by triggers just makes existing migraines endure and persist longer than they ought to.  So they would be more bearable if I could control the conditions somewhat.  So ultimately i wish I could financially work from home or have some sort of partial disability leave and work from home or some sort of damn viable solution.

b) An effective preventative treatment would be great.  Again sometimes it is hard to say whether a preventative is working because I get stuck in bad bouts of migraines when I'm working full time and I think that if I were not that preventative might have had a fighting chance.  I've had the best success with Topamax but it may be causing partial seizures so that might be off my menu.  I've been through quite a few and some are off the list because of asthma.  I would want one to not only decrease migraine frequency and intensity but also help with migraine associated vertigo, prolonged visual auras and the perceptual distortions.  All the neurological things that make it diifuclt to function.  I've been told the best preventative treatment is 50% effective reduction in migraines... which would still leave me at the chronic level... but I still think as a wish list that is pretty damned better than daily because that is 15 migraine free days and that sounds freaking awesome to me.

c) It would be pretty cool to have some way to deal with the hormonal migraines in particular such that they do not go into status migraine mode.  I would like my neuro to consider options regarding this specifically since these migraines are crippling for me and cause the most missed work. My doc would like the new neuro to think about prescribing me toradol shots, which is what I usually get in the ER, to treat right away for the hormonal migraines to hopefully prevent them from getting out of control or keep the pain level down at least so they don't last longer than three days.  Since these migraines are the ones that caused the nerve damage in my hand, also have the most severe nausea, epsidoes of vertigo, sleep deprivation and mood swings I'd consider them the most dangous of my migraines to my health.

Thats it really.  Work from home and less migraines is a good wish list for me.  Told you I don't like long term goals and thinking ahead.  I'd say I'd like to publish a book, but I self publish so... I do that already.... so what I'd like to do is make money at it. lol.  But I'm working on my marketing methods so maybe I will get to that.  I don't honestly wish for much.  If my pain where managed I would be content with my life as it is... and if I were a world famous writer I would just be More content.  You know what I'm saying?   I'd also like to win the lottery but I don't need to, but it would be cool.  Allright, so magic gennie list... pain free forever, uber famous auther and win the lottery.  There. That would be my fantasy wish list. ha. Otherwise, I'll stick with working from home and some pain management.

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger's Challenge is initiated by

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