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Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #29: "More Often than Not"

Today is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day. People with Chronic Migraine have a Migraine or headache more often than not. Think of and share a random act of kindness that you can do for someone with Chronic Migraine.
I've had chronic migraines for over a decade, about fifteen years or so now.  Anyway, I have a random act of kindness someone did for me that I'd like to share because it was pretty damn amazing.  When I left University because my migraines were simply too severe for me to continue on to my Phd I took a job at a hotel as a Front Desk agent working various shifts including the nigh audit. The shift work put me from chronic migraines to daily migraines. My doctor had just begun to play around with preventatives, so I had nothing. I still had violent migraines at that time so... lots and lots of tossing my cookies... and tossing my medications before they became effective.  Plus my hormonal migraines at the time occur, obvously with my mestral cycle which at that age, could be extremely painful on its own.  So I was working on Chrismas Eve when I got hit with a horrific migraine.  It was day three of bad migraines due to it being the hormonal cycle but day one of my period, so I was hit with a double whammy, severe cramps and acute migraine.  I literally could not stop throwing up.  I could barely stand. My aura was so severe in my left eye I could not see. I couldn't think straight.  It was horrible.  No way in hell I would be able to work my shift.  My boss tried to find someone to replace me but obviously no one could come in.  They tried to help out as best they could.  Then in comes a Guest to check in and he is a former worker at the hotel from years and years ago.  And seeing me, how pale and shaky I was and how much pain I was in.  He suggested he would take over my audit shift for me.  Well, he told the manager this, as I had then been back in the bathroom.  I could not thank him enough that he would just take over a shift for someone he did not know, for a job he did not do anymore because he wanted to help me out.  He said his wife got really bad migraines and he didn't mind.  I've never had anyone do such a random act of kindness quite like that very, but I do know I will never forget it.  It meant a great deal to me. My boss even gave me a lift home because I could not drive.

If I worked with someone and they were like I felt yesterday or like I felt like that that day... where you get to the point where the pain itself is making you feel unsable, ill, shaky with an irratic heart beat... or the other symptoms are making you so ill that literally in both cases you can barely stand.  Hell, yes, I would take their shift.  No one should have to suffer like that at work.  We all do when we have to, but we shouldn't have to.  Not when it's that bad.  I have plenty of stories where I had no such saviour and horribe bosses... but thats a different post.

I would also be there for them to talk to openly and honeslty, with no judgement about what it really is like to suffer with chronic migraines.  The emotional toll because sometimes we all need someone like that to talk to who gets it, who will not judge them and who will not make them feel guilty.

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger's Challenge is initiated by
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