Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #30: Blogger's Pick

Choose your favortie blog post from any of this month's prompts from someone else's blog to share with us, and tell us why it's your favorite.

I've really enjoyed participating in this event and reading people's blogs.  I've made sure to add as many of those blogs I can so I can add them to my blog and keep connected.  It is difficult to find any one post to mention over another since I enjoyed so very many of them but one really resonated with me because, well, its been a rough battle for me the last couple of years and I still have a few raw mental wounds over it all.

Migraine Interrupted: Say What? The whole 'at least it is not cancer' and 'at least you will not die from it' stuck with me.  As the post says cancer is understood and curable and has an end, whatever that end is.  In the past I have often thought about this in my darker moments and in a way wished I had some sort of potentially deadly disease that sure, would be horrible, but I would either survive the treatment and go on to live a perfectly normal life or I would die and either way it would be resolved. There is something so envious about that... the fact that your suffering as an end date. Every time I say that I feel guilty like I am undermining the struggle someone goes through when they battle for their lives to survive such a disease, but its not that, I understand extreme suffering, I just envy them their victory. And I know loved ones fighting that battle so what I would prefer is to take their suffering and pain onto me because I don't like to see others suffer and I certainly don't like to think of losing them... but when it comes to myself it is different. Or even just a sure treatment... we are going to do A and if A fails we are goind to do B.  Nor can you underestimate having a disease Everyone comprehends and understands.  I have fibromyalgia, which really very few people get... most have no even heard of, so I'm used to it.  At least people know what the word migraine means, but as soon as you say you get chronic migraines then it becomes beyond comprehenion... why do you get them? why can't they be treated? have you tried A, B, C... Q and Z? Or maybe Advil, I hear that's good because I saw that on TV (don't fear the light) How can you get them everyday? And no one gets all the neurological symtpoms... they only know what they have heard; light sensativity, nausea, headache, sparkly lights, right? Yeah. Right.  And I don't like it when they said 'at least it won't kill you'... because in the end we wish it would and sometimes, as this post mentions, we will turn to suicide just to end the pain and the rate of suicide is high.  So if the pain is not treated and we are just left to suffer and we end up killing ourselves that is somehow not as bad as a disease that kills us? But migraines can kill us, they have the potential to with strokes and so forth so there there is the danger not that people know that either.  When I got nerve damage in my hand due to a long status migraine, which I still think is weird, but that's what the neuro said... people were literally stunned and amazed a migraine could do that.  Yet they already knew all the suffering, my own suicide attempt, my poor work attenance, my numerous short term work leaves... yet this permanent damage shocked them.  Maybe because it was visible or tangible or something permanent.  People just don't see the damage and suffering of chronic migraines. I wish they could. And I hope the more awareness we bring the more people will understand that a disease that had no end is plain torture.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure blogging with you all!!!

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger's Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

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