Can hypermobility increase pain in Juvenile Fibromyalgia syndrome?

Can hypermobility increase pain in Juvenile Fibromyalgia syndrome?

I had no idea about this but apparently they have a class of fibromyalgia call Juvenile Fibromyalgia... so they are actually looking at children and teenagers and diagnosing them properly.  Would have been nice had they done that when I was younger because I was one of those people with FM that had it at a very young age and so spent a lot of time going to the doctor for blood work and tests and no answers.  Took a long time to get my diagnsis and by then it was pretty bad.  So I'm glad they have finally figured that out... not everyone gets in their thirties or older and not everyone gets it after a trauma or illness... sometimes we have the symdrome and it just slowly gets worse over time.

I also have hypermobilty syndrome.. that I was diagnosed with early by the way.  And it is one of the things that is comorbid with FM, a lot of us are hypermobile and apparently about 40% of JFMers are.  I wonder if it is just those who develop it as children who are more prone to having it or if it is all around common to have this co-occur and I wonder why so many of us have this... FM is in the brain and it is all about the nervous system, where as hypermobility is the joints and connective tissue. There doesn't seem to be a connective... wish those researchers luck on that one.  An interesting puzzle.

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