Just won't quit

Must be the beginning of migraine season or something.  My killer migraine hormonal episode is complete which the toradol shots partially helped kick.  The weekend therefore was relatively low in pain.  More like a migraine hangover than anything.  I had an annoying ache that was sharp and persistent but didn't really go anywhere from there. 

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for today.  It started off with that same persistent ache and then mid-day just jumped into full migraine mode.  Not that I didn't get a heads up, because I did. I started getting dopey, my eyes got wonky and then the migraine kicked in.  I just did not want to treat it because it is the weekend and as such I tend to want to resist medication to reserve for workdays... because I just Love to be in pain on days off.  Or maybe it is because I have to face the facts of having to use medication when I need it, which unfortunately is to muddle through work.  Unfortunately for me, this migraine is like the ones last week and is rather brutal.  So it sucks to be me really.

I will have to see what tomorrow morning holds.  At least I have the toradol as a backup to bring to work with me.  If in the morning I wake up with this beast I'll aim for a triptan and see if it does a damn thing but if it doesn't at least the toradol shot will get me through work.  And that is what it is all about, isn't it?  At least that is what it seems like it is all about.  Sometimes I wonder why i bother trying to maintain this charade of trying to work full time... and then I remember its because I would need doctors to back me to go on full time disability through work insurance and they don't seem inclined to think its a problem. Sometimes I want to just beat them with a frying pan until they get the sort of pain I'm going through and then make them work through the pain and then repeat it for a month until they have just a minimal understanding of the word chronic.  But whatever.  Point being, I need to save the meds for work pain days.
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