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'Pretend disabled really are sick' article... made me throw us a little in my mouth

I saw this on Facebook and I had to post about it because it really pissed me off.  This quote here where he says he would like to fake a disability like "one of those newly invented illnesses which make you a bit peaky for decades - fibromyalgia or M.E."  Link to article about how idiotic this dude is

Seriously WTF? The name fibromyalgia was made in 1976 not the freaking condition which went by other names prior. Do your research idiot. And invented?  Sure there is no blood test, sure it is hard to diagnos... but there is evidence... "There is decreased blood flow to areas of the brain; the thalamus section, which might explain pain sensitivity and cognitive functioning issues. There is high levels of “substance P,” a central nervous system neurotransmitter involved in pain processing. In other words, we are wired to feel pain faster, longer and that signal just keeps on going. There is also a hormone that promotes muscle growth that we are low in, somatomedin C. Low levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and cortisol" Fibromyalgia: What is up with that?.

Fibromyalgia: Say What
Fibromyalgia Essenials
And you know it is frankly insulting that he assumes those of us with these conditions are running out there to claim disability.  Sure we are at higher risk to become disabled but that doesn't automatically mean we will or that we Want to be. I've never been disabled in the sense of being completely unable to work from FM, nor has my father.  Would I say I have a disability, hell yeah!  Would I say it limits my job options? Of course it does. And my ambitions and my goals.  And I had to suck it up like most of us do.  So feel a little for all of us with this condition working a job just like you, asshat, but instead with a crapload of pain, fatigue, fibrofog and on a few hours of sleep everyday without complaint.  And it sucks when we end up in a state where we admit we can no longer do it anymore. It is devestating and we are filled with guilt and we feel worthless, but some of us Have to make that choice. So thanks for minimizing our suffing.

I'm on a short term leave from work right now... but not for FM, godforbid I use the system for an 'invented illness that makes me feel peaky' but rather chonic migraines and honestly I get enough stigma with that without having to deal with people doubting the existence of FM... the condition that makes my migraines chronic in the first damned place. And enough guilt for not working short term.

Oh and thanks oh so freaking much for perpetuating that freaking idiotic stigma we get with this invisible disability that it bloody well doesn't exist... because we have been fighting that for fucking ever and we just need bastards like you to set us back years in awareness. 

I hope you do get FM and see how 'peaky' you feel... and then I hope you get declined for disability because that is often what happens.

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