Sunday at the ER... cause that's how I roll

Yes, that's how I like to spend my Sundays, how about you? No? Well, me neither. But it needed to be done. My doc wanted me to go in do I could get some Maxeran in me, which is an anti-nausea med but he says has interesting properties to help break a pain cycle. Skeptical? I am. Mostly because this pain cycle has been insane in the brain, but I said I'd go and go I went. I regret not going on Saturday because then I could have recovered from the ER visit on Sunday, but that’s hindsight for you. Besides Saturday started out as a low pain day and I thought that meant I could manage the pain without medications and maybe that would coast me out of this nasty streak... but I was very, very wrong... the acute migraine kicked in in the evening with a vengeance.

So when I got up at 10am off I went. Even though the migraine was not bad yet. But stepping outside into the hot damned sunny day made it worse and then waiting into ER worse yet. So I guess just throw me a trigger or two and I'll be ready and ready I was. By the time they managed to get my IV in I was seeing a very vivid purple aura all across my visual field. By the time they hooked up that Mazeran it was a vivid warping field of gold. Very pretty.

Then you wait. And wait. And wait. And get a bit nappy. And wait. Then you start to get freezing and you wait.

Then they hook up the next med the actual treatment med, which in this case was DHE (after arguing with them about toradol... serious I know they are in love with toradol but it doesn't always work and they were all like but then we can try something else and I was all like no then I'll leave, I got literally dozens of medications in me and you want to put two in me and then what just keep adding more to see what will freaking happen? Just pick one?!) *sigh* Where was I? Right. DHE. Hooked up. and then you wait. And wait some more. My already low blood pressure drops and my heart rate goes down to 54. More waiting. My heart did I weird fluttery thing where I thought maybe it’s just going to stop. More waiting and then the pulsing part of the migraine just dissipates. Nice. More waiting. Then the intensity of pain begins to slowly diminish. Great now I can ditch this joint now that my machines are beeping.

More waiting. Nurse comes to tell me doctor will come.

More waiting. Doctor comes to say I can go home once they unhook me.

More waiting. More waiting. Contemplating unhooking myself. Ah, nurse comes in and unhooks me.

And that would be that... but shortly after getting home I developed nasty pain in my feet, knees, elbows and wrists. WTF I say? I think it must be from the DHE but damn does it hurt... its like a sudden fibro flare. Then later that day my heart starts skipping and thumping weirdly. Then worse than that I got diarrhea for about two hours.  So... the treatment had some rather not nice side effects to come with it.  Not nice at all.  Still migraine is keeping real low level 3-4 and maintaining.

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