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Camping adventures

Sorry, this little guy amused the heck out of me. I took at least fifteen shots of him going up and down this tree to get little pieces of bread. I'm easily amused. Clearly I've found a hobby for when I retire.

So three days of Camping Adventures was about as much as my body could take But it was better than it could have been. Potentially it could have been quite painful because I knew those inflatable bed things can flare up every tender point on you in the most nasty of ways in one night.

Tip #1: Thick inflatable mattress and one of those foamy things on top. It worked awesomely. I had some strange brusing after day three and I ached all over moderately but the most intense pain was in my knees and elbows. Not sure why the elbows but it hurt right at the tender point and nasty. But still that accumulation over two nights, so decent really. Better than the one night on the thinner matress without the foamy thingamajig.

Tip#2: Apparently if you have fibro don't wear sandles even for a short time. If your are like me and that tendon in your arch from time to time gives you intense pain... even if you have those comfortable sandles with the liquid gell inserts that someone once told me are 'granny sandles' cause I bought them at a store known for comfortable shoes... duh. Not sufficient. I was not in them long before I felt a twinge and then an ache. The I got up to walk to the truck and just lurch to the side as that sharp pain hit one side. I was hobbled. Changed back into my sneakers. It calmned down thankfully... last time that flared it was a year of shuffle walking.  But the arch still aches. So good footware a good idea.

Tip#3 is a standard go anywhere for migraines and fibromyalgia... a hat and specs. As I'm sporting here. This cap is my camping go to because it had the most shade from the light. I had two hats and two pairs of specs for this trip, this is my lighter specs because it was cloudy at this point. On a camping trip this is more vital than normal which I realized the moment we got there... cause you are camping, as in, the outdoors, as in, where the sun is all the time. It was Bright and I was Outside in the Brightness. I thought about ducking for cover. Hiding behind a tree. Digging a hole. But I toughed it out. It gave me a headache real fast and I had to keep on top of that quickly.

Tip#4 Bring all sorts of migraine medications. All of them. Sunlight=migraine. Storm rolls in=migraine. Sunlight again=Migraine. Can't sleep in a tent=migraine. And you want to treat them as fast as possible before they cripple you.

Tip#5 The sun is evil. For migraines, but also for fibro. If you're like me it will heat your skin fast and irritate it and then that skin pain starts. My nerve damaged hand hurt from the heat, and then on the day when it rained and it was freezing it stung like a sonofagun. Not much you can do about these weather changes except be prepared for both sides of the coin... which I was not by the way. So have some things for a lot of warmth just in case it gets cold.

So there was a pain spike in some areas of the body and overall aches.  There were two brutal migraines. One I treated with Maxalt and ended up taking a nap for three hours. The other was the last day... the sun just was too much and trigger a doozy. I used my Toradol shot which sort of worked, about 80%, I still had vertigo and migraine dumbness and perceptual problems. Problem is the toradol made my stomach hurt like hell so it was a darn good thing we left that evening or it would have been an unpleasant night.

The trip itself was interesting.  We visited with my man's sister and her kids which was great. It was miserable on day, raining and freezing so that sort of sucked because you can't do much and inside the tent was also freezing.  But other than that it was a good visit. I find though camping initself is merely a change of scenery. I am fully capable of doing the same things there as here; reading and writing. I didn't so much because my man does neither so I felt the need to find something to fill his time. I bought a game of Uno and played with him for amusement when it was raining and then later with his sister's kids.  Then read my book all night while everyone was sleeping. Couldn't really get any writing done unless I wanted to freeze my fingers off.

However it was a successful venture and I know for short durations I can phsycally tolerate it and therefore I can do it again. Preferably in better weather. And maybe in a larger group.

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